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Sweet Okoles of the WEB

What is "Okole"?

I think Keola & Kapono Beamer described it best in their song entitled "Sweet Okole". It's the Hawaiian term for butt, bottom, behind, rear end, booty, etc.

What is the "SWEET OKOLE" award, and who is it awarded to?

The "SWEET OKOLE" award is the prestigious award thought up by yours truly, and awarded to those women of the Web who grace us with their beauty and sex appeal as displayed on their personal homepages.

How do I win this award?

There are several different ways to win this award. Email or ICQ me with the URL of your homepage and win it pending my reviewal, suck up to me if you catch me in chat somewhere, or win it by chance that I happen upon your homepage and think you've got what it takes.


#1. Hawaiian Fantasy

#2. Desire

Coconut Girl

§weet §in§ation

#5. This could be you!
#6. This could be you!
#7. This could be you!
#8. This could be you!
#9. This could be you!
#10. This could be you!

Sweet Okole Award

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