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The Honda Odyssey Haven

Updated Dec 14, 1998

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Welcome to the Odyssey Haven, I have added a new picture page that shows the differences between the FL250 and FL350 Click Here! Also I have added a Detail photo section showing the FL350's front and rear suspension up very close. Click here! The FL350R replaced the out of date FL250 which was produced from 1977 to 1984. For more info on the FL250 please visit my FL250 website.

Honda began developing the FL350 Odyssey in late 1983 and released it to the public in the fall of 1984 as an '85 model. Honda discontinued it in the fall of 1985 as a result of poor sales.

The differences between the FL250 and FL350 are major. The 250 lacked a decent front suspension and never even had a rear suspension, it also had a pull starter which was hard to pull. Honda fixed these problems by putting a nice 4 wheel independant suspension on the 350 as well as an electric starter. Also the 350 was given a reversing transmission, a wider stance, and of course, much more power.

Here is a simple comparison chart for all Honda FL products

1977-1984 FL250
1985 FL350R
1989-1990 FL400
248cc Air cooled
327cc Air cooled
400cc Liquid cooled
F: trailing arm R: none
F&R: trailing arm
F&R: A-arm
Forward only
397lbs - 423lbs
48.4 inches
58.2 inches
50.5 inches
82.5 inches
85.0 inches
85.0 inches
Used cost (U.S)
Used cost (Canada)
Not available

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