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Vincent Kartheiser


He's so hot......

Here's some info submitted to me from Amanda (thanx Amanda :)
Birthdate: May 5, 1979
Full name: Vincent Paul Kartheiser
Hobbies: playing pool, basketball, mountain climbing, and he is taking fencing lessons.
Height: 5'10"
Parents: Janet and Jim Kartheiser
Siblings: Nathan,Andrea, Collette, Elise, and Theresa
Books: Jane Eyer, Shakespear, Dostoyevsky, and Edgar Alan Poe
Music: The Doors, Tool, Alice In Chains, Rage Against The Machine, Bob Marley, and Phish
TV Shows: The Simpsons, and Beavis and Butthead

Alaska: Sean Barnes(1996)
Masterminds: Ozzie Paxton (1997)
The Hairy Bird: Snake (1998)
Untamed Heart: Orphan Boy (1993--I think)
Little Big League (1994--I think)
Iron Wil--His part got cut out though
The Indian in the Cupard: Gillion (1995-I think)
well it seems that i lost most of my pictures, so if anyone is interested in sending me some new stuff, that'd be great!

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If anyone has any other info about VINCENT please email me!