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Hi, my name's Mike, and this is my homepage. I've been on the internet since Christmas of 1997, and this is like my third time trying to do this.

I live in Hawaii, but I moved here from California, near Los Angeles. I love to go swimming and snorkeling, and I even surf a little bit, but I'm not very good.

I guess one a my "fav" things to do is to go up in the hills and just be closer to nature. I feel a real connection to the earth and living things around me, it's almost as though I can "feel" it's energy flowing through me.

In the time I've been online, I've met some really awsome people, and a few "freaks" as well. I love to meet people and chat about different things in life, but I'm the first to admit that I'm really kind of shy until I get to know you. So take a few minutes and look through my homepage here, get to know me a little more, and read about my thoughts and feelings.

Also I've got a guestbook here, and I'd really like it if you'd sign it and let me know what you think of what I've done as well.

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October 27, 1998

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