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Andrea's Alex Rodriguez Page

Alex Rodriguez Page

Welcome to my page! This page is about baseball's brightest star, Alex Rodriguez of the Seattle Mariners. He has captured the hearts of fans across the country by his love and talent for baseball. Hustling on grounders and giving 100% every day are characteristics shown in Alex which are very rare these days. He is a member of the prestigious 40-40 club and won the AL batting title in 1996. A-Rod is the baseball star of the future. Watch him shine now!

"There is a difference between image and reputation. Image is nice. Reputation is developed over an entire career. Reputation is what I'm searching for."

"I want to step forward. I don't want to step on anyone's toes doing it. If I do... too bad."
~Alex Rodriguez

August 10, 2000

I will be going on vacation to Seattle to see Alex and Mariners play! I will be back on August 14 so there will be no more updates until then.

The Mariners lose BIG to the Chicago White Sox.

Mariners 3, White Sox 19
WP: Sirotka LP: Jamie Moyer
A-ROD'S LOG: 0 for 2, he was substituted for early because M's were down by too many runs

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Seattle Times (August 5): Jeter tells tabloids that A-Rod might be staying with Mariners
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Alex Rodriguez will become a free agent after the 2000 season and may be lured to another team. Do you want him to STAY in Seattle?? I DO!! Check out the website and sign the petition!

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