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Welcome to the Kula Index

Thank you for taking the time to investigate the Kula Index. There are a number of ways that you may choose to use the Index, but here's what a typical session might look like. Say you wanted to find a particular article on AppleWorks and you recall that it may have been in II Alive magazine. You would start up AppleWorks and load in the II Alive database file found on the Kula Index disk. Since you're interested in AppleWorks, you perform the find function by pressing Open-Apple-F and typing in "AppleWorks." A screen similar to the following appears:

Scanning through the screen, you spot the article you were interested in, and press Open-Apple-Z to zoom in:

As shown, entries give you not only the title, author, and subject; but also pertinent notes regarding the article or review, plus any related articles in other issues or publications.

For information on ordering, please see the enclosed price sheet. The Kula Index could very well pay for itself, in terms of time and effort saved, the very first time it helps you locate that needed information.