Used Software
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Apple II Software

Print Shop Graphics Library, Disk 3 (Broderbund). A collection of 120 graphics for business, international signs, seasonal designs, myth and fantasy, animals, and more. Print Shop required. $5.00.

Robot Rascals is a game for two to four scavenger hunters that combines the best elements of a computer strategy game and a multi-player board game. Scavengers search for artifacts that are randomly assigned through the use of item cards, while game play is affected by luck cards are random "global events" controlled by the computer. Includes 5-1/4" floppy disk, two sets of cards, and manual. This was published by Electronic Arts. This is the repackaged version as distributed by the Big Red Computer Club. $8.00.

Star Rank Boxing II (Gamestar). On the Star Rank Boxing circuit, simple slugging means a lot - but not everything. You create each fighter. Fight in any of three different weight division and create up to 5 fighters in each class. In camp, you must tailor a training regimen to your fighter's needs and to your next opponent. Take on a friend in 2-player exhibition action or take your shot at the title, going after computer boxers in the grueling but exhilirating journey through the Star Ranks. Requires 128K, joystick. $5.00.

SuperCalc3a (Sorcim/IUS). Sorcim/IUS did not invent the electronic spreadsheet, but did spend years perfecting it. They've also added full-featured graphs and a very useful information handler called Data Management. SuperCalc3a is one of the most popular and well-received spreadsheet and integrated software products in the world. Independent reviewers have consistently given very high marks to every program and reference manual in the SuperCalc line. $10.00.

Where In The U.S.A. Is Carmen Sandiego? Carmen Sandiego and her gang have threatened to steal our nation's most precious treasures - from the Washingon Monument to the Golden Gate Bridge. And they've already begun! You are hereby authorized to begin your investigation immediately. Travel at once to the scene of their most recent heist and begin questioning witnesses. Crack this case and you will be promoted through the ranks to the very highest rank: Super Slueth! Requires 128K, 3.5" disk drive. $10.00.

Apple IIGS Software

Mini-Putt (Accolade). Mini-Putt is the ultimate miniature golf challenge; a magical, animated "Golf-O-Rama" filled with pee-wee putting pandamonium that not only tests your skills ... it tests your sanity. Each looney link was designed to have you ricocheting off the walls. Obstacles and hazards can spring to life. A serene green can gobble up your golf ball. Can your nerves take it or will your putter flutter? 512K required, 1-4 players.

Xenocide (by Brian Greenstone, Micro Revelations). This award-winning science fiction arcade game is sure to take your breath away. Now you can get the fast-paced action and dynamic sound of the stand up arcade games right in your own Apple IIGS. Requires 512K, 3.5" drive and mouse. Joystick and RGB monitor recommended. sold

Macintosh Software

Grand Slam (Infinity Software). Grand Slam lets you play the Big Four of the world Grand Prix tennis circuit. Start with the slow clay at the French Open. Then it's on to the fast grass at Wimbledon. At the U.S. Open, the crowds are noisier and the atmosphere dense with the heat of competition. Finally you wind up in Kooyong Stadium at the Australian Open. Grand Slam features realistic, digitalized sound; different court surfaces; choice of wood, metal & graphite rackets; fast 3-D graphics; and a 48-page manual complete with tennis history and strategies.

MicroLeague Baseball II (Microleague Sports). Ever second-guess the moves of your favorite team? Can you outthink a rival team's manager? Ever dream of being a manager yourself, pacing the dugout as you make pennant-winning decisions? Fulfilling these fantasies is what makes MLB II the ultimate simulation! It lets you boss actual major leaguers! You set up and change lineups, pick your spots for pinch hitters and relievers, decide when the players will steal, bunt, or do a pitchout. Includes detailed box scores, stat compiler, and general manager functions. For Mac Plus & SE, 1 MB RAM. sold

Playmaker Football (by Brian Brinkmann, Broderbund). As general manager, you build a team that suits your philosophy of winning football. As head coach, you design unbeatable plays that capitalize on your team's strengths and opponent's weaknesses. As quarterback, you call dazzling plays in a heated gridron war, running and passing your way to victory. You must be playing PlayMaker Football. Mac 512E/Plus/SE/SE30/II/IIx/IIcx, 512K, 800K disk.

IBM Software

After Hours (Softkey). This CD contains three games. World Series Poker replicates the World Series of Poker held at Binion's Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas. Learn the strategy, pace and other tips from world class poker experts. Masque Blackjack is more than just a blackjack game. It offers tips and strategies on everything from counting points to choosing a seat. The Strategies were developed by Julian H. Braun, M.S, one of the world's foremost experts in blackjack strategy and probability calculations. ClockWiser is an addictive, unputdownable puzzle game that has over 100 levels to keep you occupied for a long time. Requires Windows 3.1 or later, CD-ROM.

Clarion Professional Developer 2.1 (Clarion Software). The application generator significantly reduces the time and cost of producing all applications. The language is rich and powerful, evolving from traditional languages like Pascal, BASIC, and COBOL. Create prototypes in minutes, on a single screen. The "Quick Start" feature of the application generator lets you turn ideas into running programs in minutes. Generate customized reports and queries, create high-speed data management with built-in LAN supprt, produce royalty-free executable programs. All the tools you'll ever need for developer and user requirements.

SIDEKICK 1.5 (Borland). Sidekick puts all these desktop accessories at your fingertips instantly: full-screen WordStar-like editor, phone directory, autodialer, monthly calendar, appointment calendar, full-featured calculator, ASCII table for easy reference.

Symphony 1.2 (Lotus). A rich and flexible program that combines five capabilities in one package: word processing, spreadsheet, business graphics, database management, communications. Symphony provides five work environments with unique features and commands. You can use Symphony's capabilities alone or together to accomplish your objective.