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(Same Me from the Trash)

I have recently uncovered some old items buried long ago in one of my many piles of junk. It may not be worth the 25 cents for me to post many of these on Ebay, but maybe there's some sentimental fool out there who might want to add it to his pile of junk, errr I mean valuable collection. After all, I must have kept it for all these years for something.. If you're interested, just let me know and I'll send it to you. You may email me at

- mike

SMFTT #1 - Apple Special Delivery Software Catalog (sorry, gone)

SMFTT #2 - Broderbund Sales Talk (sorry, gone)

SMFTT #3 - Appologue, Volume 2, October/November 1982 (sorry, gone)

(stay tuned for more)