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So you're one of those who clicks on just about anything on web pages! Anyway, this is a short explanation of where Kula Software has been in the Apple II world lately. The short answer is nowhere. About a year or so ago, my trusty Apple IIc died, leaving my Apple IIGS to carry on. A few months later, the IIGS bit the dust, which left me without a working Apple II for the first time in about 15 years.

Seeing as the Apple II business had been extremely slow anyway, it looked like it was over for my Apple II business. I occupied my time fooling around with web pages on the internet (among other things) using mostly my 486 (later Pentium) computer.

Then a few months ago, I learned that a cousin was buying computer equipment at auctions for resale. When he found out that I was familiar with Apple IIs, he started unloading some Apple IIc's on me. Well, one of the IIc's actually booted up and I once again had a working Apple II.

I let Tom Zuchowski of the Eamon Adventurer's Guild know that I once again had a working Apple II. Then, when I discovered that AngelFire gives you some free web space and allows you advertise your business, it hit me that I could put my old mail-order catalog on the web.

A few CrossWorks transfers, some editing and uploading, and here it is. Hope you find something of interest.

- mike (5/19/97)

Hey, I'm really getting back into it now (well sort of). My dead Apple IIGS has been replaced by a new GS. Well not exactly new, it's a ROM 01 GS that I bought from my cousin. The major difference between the ROM 01 and ROM 03 machine is that the ROM 03 machine has 1 MB on the motherboard while the ROM 01 has only 256K. It did come with a memory expansion board which has 256K on it and I managed to add 256K more to it, so it brings it up to 768K. (I also got an extra GS Memory Expansion board. If anybody needs one, it's for sale.)

It's all working more or less, though not all my GS software runs with 768K. Even got my Protege SCSI drive and PC transporter hooked up. So I'm back in business -- so far two orders!

- mike (7/14/97)

Things are now settling down a bit. We were undergoing a major computer system conversion at my real job, so I've been pretty busy for the past few months. So now you know why you've been waiting and waiting for your orders to arrive. Actually the surprising thing to me is that I actually got a few orders in the first place. Now that that's taken care of, I guess it's time for me to put my GS back on the shelf until the orders start piling in again.

Wow, it's been nearly two years since I wrote something in here. See you in the next millenium. By that time, we'll have found out if my ROM 01 GS is Y2K compliant.

- mike (3/10/99)

Time marches on. One of the last Apple II holdouts, Eamon Adventurer's Guild, has shut down. I haven't had an order for over a year, but I just received an email wondering why the links on my page were broken. It turns out they were all pointing to my old isp which I got off over two years ago! They had kept the pages alive for a while after I got off, but I think they've been erased for some time. I have fixed the links by transferring all the pages to angelfire, so maybe now I'll get back to business of two or three orders a year. One day, I guess I've got to check whether my Apple II is still working..

See you in two years..

- mike (4/25/01)

I lied, it's been only about a year later and here I am again already! Within the space of a few days, I received a possible order for some magazines and got an anonymous email message from Steven Weyhrich saying the url for his Apple II History page has been updated. From there I learn that Call-A.P.P.L.E. has been reborn. I even made a couple of additions to the page. One is the listing of magazines for sale (since I had to hunt down exactly what I had available anyway). The other is the SMFTT (save me from the trash) specials for stuff I still have buried someplace, but probably with little commercial value. Excitement is running wild in the Apple II world! No orders for software in the last year, so I still don't know whether my Apple II is working. Well, back into hibernation.

- mike (5/23/02)

Wow three messages in three years! Don't know if I can keep up this pace :) No software orders, but I have had several orders for old magazines. I also happened to come across the Eamon CD that Tom Zuchowski sent to me a while ago. It has several Apple emulators on it as well as all the Eamons. So now it looks like you can run Eamon on your PC! You can get a copy of the CD from me, but Tom is selling it even cheaper, only 3 bucks including shipping. Check out these links for more info.

[12/31/03 - Tom has changed his email address to You can email him there if you want to order the latest Eamon CD.]

All my SMFTT specials are now gone. But I'll probably add some as I slowly sift through my piles..

And yes, I now accept PayPal payments as well as c2it.

- mike (3/28/03)

Business is picking up a bit in the old magazines for sale biz. I suppose people are finding me through google or something. I'll guess I'll ask them next time. Hey there I am! Just do a google search for "old computer magazines for sale" :)

I was surprised to see that put out a notice that I'm still selling my Kula Indexes (Indices?). Well, I guess I am, even though I haven't sold any in years. Actually my goal is to one day put them on the web and into the public domain. The problem is transferring the data off my old Apple II diskettes and into a format easily accessible from the web. The key word is easy. I'm not about to learn SQL for this! If anybody has suggestions let me know. Well glad to see that A2-Central is still alive. Hmm.. I still got some old issues of Open-Apple (the original name of A2-Central) around. Guess I should add them to my for sale list.

- mike (8/15/03)