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[ ] CO-OP PINBALL. Four pinball games (Viper, Warlok, Nugent, and Flash!) generated with Bill Budge's Pinball Construction Set (Electronic Arts). The games were designed by Roger Wick of Micro Co-Op.

[ ] DEFENDER. Defender? That's right, this IS Defender, completely written in machine language. John Wrenholt (the founder of the Big Red Computer Club) called it the "best public domain game that I've seen." The author, Joe Holt, intended this to be a commercial product, but decided not to release it due to copyright hassles. Requires 64K and a joystick.

[ ] FIDO (shareware). An old-fashioned arcade game in which you have to shoot and dodge your way past tanks, saucers, Yernts, and other various nasties. Written by Pat Montelo.

[ ] RING RAIDERS. Jim Nitchal's rendition of Star Castle. A gift from Cavalier Computer (see Softalk, December 1981, page 10). Nitchals wrote or co-wrote Asteroid Field, Bug Attack, Star Thief, and MicroWave and was profiled in Softline (September 1982). He currently works for Electronic Arts, wrote the Apple translations for Archon and Archon II, and is the co-author of the hit Zany Golf.

[ ] SOUTH PACIFIC QUEST. This arcade game was written by Peter Ward (creator of the commercial games, International Hockey and Black Magic). For some reason, this game never quite made it to the commercial market and has now wound up in the BBS (and PDS) community. The object of the game is to capture or kill Lord Futz. In order to do this, you must conquer the Futz soldiers with the aid of various devices, passing through 16 screens of hi-res action. Requires 64K and a joystick. (Warning -- this is a tough game.)

[ ] LODE RUNNER DATA DISK 1. From the NovApple Club, 150 more screens for Lode Runner (Broderbund). To play, boot Lode Runner, enter edit mode (CONTROL-E) then type "P."

[ ] LODE RUNNER DATA DISK 2. Fifty more screens for Lode Runner (Broderbund). These screens are very difficult, but all have been tested to make sure they are solvable (or so I'm told). Designed by Mark Beyak.

[ ] ANTI-GRAVITY (shareware). In this arcade/strategy game you try to collect points while avoiding a meanie. The trick is that you have to move by changing the law of gravity. Highly addicting -- Lode Runners fans will like this one. Written by Michael Katz. Also on this disk is Planet of the Robots (a text adventure) and a hi-res simulation of miniature golf. 128K required.

[ ] TETRIS 2. This adaptation of the popular game, Tetris, is similar to the original, but features additional shapes and new levels. This version was created in France. Requires 128K and 5.25" drive.

[ ] COLUMNS IIe (shareware). In this variation of Tetris, you try to line up three or more identically patterned blocks. Programmed by Michael Foegelle, color monitor recommended.

[ ] FL0BYN0ID. A professionally done "BreakOut" type game very similar to Arkanoid. The graphics are excellent and the animation is very smooth. Created by the French team, Goquel Olivier, Barritault Denis, Bailly-Maitre Olivier of Second Sight Software. The game apparently includes a levels editor, but the prompts are written in French. Requires a joystick or mouse and 128K. (Press "J" to use the joystick.)

[ ] ARCADE TRIPLE TREAT. Three hi-res games (Beach-Head, Westward Ho!, and Shark Bait). These games were generated with the Arcade Machine (Broderbund) and designed by Albert Lesiak of the Northern Illinois Apple User's Group. Some of the effects are quite imaginative. Joystick or paddles required.


[ ] APPLE CLASSICS. These games and demos emerged in the early days of Apple Computer Co, Inc. (most of these were written by Apple employees). Titles are Apple Vision, Biorhythm, Brian's Theme, Cattlecar Galactica (not what it seems), Engine, The Great American Probability Machine, The Infinite Number of Monkeys, Towers of Hanoi, Apple Trek (Star Trek), and Lemonade Stand (a fun economic simulation).

[ ] THE KULA FUNPAK. This is a collection of our favorite fun, strategy games for the family. Among the featured programs are Othello, Concentration, Connect-4, MasterMind, and Black Box. Runs on any Apple II.

[ ] HI-RES MYSTERY HOUSE. The history-making hi-res adventure by Ken and Roberta Williams has now been placed in the public domain by Sierra On-Line. Featured in the book "HACKERS" by Steven Levy.

[ ] ORIGINAL ADVENTURE. This is an adaptation of the historic Colossal Cave Adventure created by Don Woods and Willy Crowther at MIT. This version was developed for the Apple II by Stuart Trusty.

[ ] ADVENTURE GAMES. A collection of mostly text adventure games. Titles are Dog Star Adventure, Hide Hide (the cow's outside), Get Out, Kidnapped, Star Wars (by Donald Brown), and Ula Tor 1.1.

[ ] TERMINAL BOREDOM (shareware). The object of this hi-res adventure game is to keep your on-screen alter ego from falling asleep. In addition to give him something to occupy his sleepy little mind, you'll have to see to it that he begins and completes a study of Applesoft BASIC. By Karl Bunker. Requires 64K.

[ ] EAMON MASTER DISK. This is the disk required for you to enter the Wonderful World of Eamon, the fantasy/adventure series created by Donald Brown. Also included on this disk is the Beginner's Cave adventure and a text file containing the Player's Manual. Eamon was given a full-length review in the January 1983 Creative Computing. (We carry the entire line of Eamon adventures -- see listing elsewhere on this site.)

[ ] TOM ZUCHOWSKI'S GAME DISK. Features a solitaire version of Othello (text graphics) with 3 levels of skill, plus a tutorial on the basic strategy for playing Othello. Also on this disk are a solitaire backgammon game, a nifty hi-res demo of various sorting routines, and a couple of handy utilities for Eamon players. The Eamon character editor allows you to list, edit, create, and transfer characters. The Dungeon Lister displays room descriptions, artifacts, and monsters; and also gives you the ability to "walk-thru" adventures.

[ ] MONOPOLY V2.00. This simulation uses double hi-res graphics to simulate the Monopoly board. Up to 4 players may play, but no computer opponent is available. Programmed by Tim Taylor. Requires 128K, color monitor recommended.

[ ] CONCIERGE (shareware). Based on the board game Monopoly, this text simulation acts as a referee and allows you to play against one or more "intelligent" computer opponents. Up to 8 players are allowed. Best played in conjunction with the actual game board. From Competition Software.

[ ] TRIVIA WIZARDS (double-sided). An exciting computerized trivia game played on a double-hires "board" (128K required). This game supports such features as challenges, steal cards, and pass cards. Two or three people or teams can play. Additional question packs are available. On the reverse side is the I Ching Sampler Disk. The I Ching is an ancient Chinese method for making decisions or determining the most probable course of future events and choosing the best course of action. Both programs are from BrainTrain.

[ ] ANOTHER TRIVIA GAME. A straight-forward quiz game for up to four players or teams. A question editor and 200 questions are included. More trivia questions are available from the author, Rudy A. Guy.

[ ] PRESCOTT APPLE CORPS DISK OF THE MONTH 3 (2-sided). The feature program is an excellent educational hi-res version of Concentration by Jeff Creamer. Before playing, you get to choose 1 of 10 different subjects. Among the other programs are a utility which shrinks hi-res pictures and a solar system simulator. Programs are selected via a very slick graphics menu interface. On the reverse side are a batch of AppleWorks files. Highlights are Star Trek episodes, Family Tree template, linear equation solver, and a horse racing picker.