[ ] FLOPPY BOOK (double-sided). Phil Shapiro created this disk after he wrote a number of articles for the Washington Apple Pi users group and thought it would be nice to place all the articles onto a single floppy disk where they could be accessed from an easy-to-use menu. The articles include several educational software reviews, editorials, a history of the Apple II, plus details on how to create your own floppy book.

[ ] LIFE-LIKE (shareware) by Sean Nolan, Curiously Reptilian Software. An exhaustive treatment of "Life" (John Conway's fascinating simulation of the growth of cells). Among its many options are instant replay, saving and loading patterns to disk, and a rules editor. Several interesting "universes" are included.

[ ] The PUZZLER. This program splits a standard hi-res picture into 15 pieces and mixes them up. You have to arrange the pieces in order (using the A, Z, and arrow keys). There are three modes of game play. Several picture files are included on the disk. By Tony DeHart, ATD Software.

[ ] FOXXIVISION DEMO DISK. This disk shows off the software offerings of Foxxivision Inc. Included are a graphics "fireworks" show, a shooting gallery game, a word game, and a "music box."

[ ] FREDWRITER. A full-featured ProDOS word processor, based on FreeWriter. FreeWriter was created by Paul Lutus (author of AppleWriter). Al Rogers then revised it substantially to make it more suitable for use in schools, and renamed it FrEdWriter. Supports both 40 and 80-column modes. Complete documentation is included on the disk. This product was reviewed in Call-A.P.P.L.E. (January 1988).

[ ] PRINT USING AND FRIENDS. Among the many utilities on this disk is a handy routine by Craig Peterson which allows you to add "Print Using" to Applesoft via the ampersand command. This routine also adds commands to clear screen to end of line, clear screen to end of page, sound the bell, repeat printing of a selected character, directly swap two variables, and delete an array from memory.

[ ] BIG RED JUKEBOX (double-sided). This disk contains a music player which allows you to play song files. There are 69 popular tunes on the front side of the disk and 49 classical selections on the reverse side. The program was created by Bill Olson and was inspired by the SoftDisk Micro Music Disk.

[ ] MUSIC OF ERIN. This disk from the Midland Apple Club plays Irish folk music accompanied by a picture. Music was created using "The Electric Duet" and is played using the "Video Jukebox." 128K required.

[ ] APPLEWORKS LAUGHS. A disk containing 9 files of jokes in AppleWorks format.


The following programs come on 3.5" disks and work only on the Apple IIGS. The price is $4.00 per disk.

[ ] CRYSTAL QUEST DEMO. This is a demo version of the addicting hit arcade game which has been translated from the Macintosh. The demo is identical to the complete version, but is limited to the first five levels.

[ ] STAR TREK GRAPHICS. 19 graphics files featuring the major characters from both Star Trek series: Chekov, Crusher, Data, Enterprise, Kirk, Laforge, McCoy, Spock, Picard, Riker, Scotty, Troi, Uhura, Yar. A viewer program is included, along with two AppleWorks databases containing information on the two series.

[ ] TONIGHT'S SKY (shareware). John L. Graham's planetarium program which generates positions of stars and planets on one of five supported star maps. Directions for creating a self-booting disk are included. Also included is PowerPlay, which is a set of four games (FourPlay, Tron, Pig n Bull, Gridlock) created by the prolific Peter Brinkley. Castle of Metacus is a simple "Dungeons and Dragons" type game in which your mission is to recover the sacred Access of Power which was hidden in the castle by the sorceror Metacus.

[ ] TWILIGHT. A screen blanker which activates itself after a preset amound of time. 12 different screen effect files are included. (WARNING -- Does not work on certain GS systems.) Other programs on this disk are First Start, Text Screen Saver, Resline Resource Editor, ClipIt NDA, ErrorCodes CDA, and Load Font.

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