The following programs come on 3.5" disks and work only on the Apple IIGS. The price is $4.00 per disk.

[ ] GREENSTONE GAMES (shareware). A trio of games from Brian Greenstone and Dave Triplett, creators of the commercial game Xenocide. Orbizone (see the May 1990 inCider) is patterned after the arcade game "Asteroids". If you evade the debris long enough, a bubble appears which will provide you with temporarily shielding. In Copy Killers, you fight through a maze trying to shoot pirates before they infect you with viruses. Quadronome is a racquetball-type game, for one or two players, featuring 3-D perspective. A joystick is required.

[ ] COSMOCADE (shareware, 2 disks). Two more games from Pangea Software (Brian Greenstone, Dave Triplett, and Gene Koh). NAXOS is a shooting gallery game with a science-fiction theme. In JOURNEY TO CALIBUS, you control a spaceship and try to shoot your way to the next level.

[ ] GS ENTERTAINMENT. This disk features two programs by Peter Brinkley. Mathemusic is a fascinating combination of graphics and music inspired by the Spirograph. FourPlay is Peter's takeoff of Tetris in which you try to match up adjacent colors of falling blocks. Other programs are Senseless Violence 2 (another game from Brian Greenstone), Tetrotrix (Tetris with more complicated shapes), and Yahtzee. A bonus file is Cows, which has to be the most complete collection of cows (drawn in ASCII graphics) in a multitude of situations.

[ ] STATE-OF-THE-ART GAMES (shareware). This disk contains several excellently done programs. Jason Smart's Explorer GS is a graphics-based fantasy role-playing game in which you travel throughout the land, fighting, casting spells, and encountering all sorts of characters. There are several scenarios included and you can create more with the included Game Maker program. Blackjack Tutor by Dave Tribby not only allows you to play the game of blackjack, but also to configure preset playing strategies and test the results by automatically playing games against the Apple. Peter Brinkley's Plasma Lab2 allows you explore cellular automata (the computer version of "artificial life"). Five scenarios are preprogrammed: the classic Life, PlasmaLife, Wolf, Demon, and WireWorld. Also included is Xpurpose (a strategy game where you remove pegs by jumping over adjacent pages), From Beyond (another version of Columns) and FTA Plotting (an action/strategy game where you blast blocks using a joystick).

[ ] COLUMNS GS (shareware). A professionally done variant on Tetris in which you have to line up three or more identically patterned blocks. Very sharp graphics and addicting music. Programmed by Kenrick Mock (this guy really deserves his shareware fee). Graphics and music by James Brookes.

[ ] DUELTRIS (shareware). This variation of Tetris from DreamWorld Software features commercial quality graphics and sound. You may play solo, against the computer, or even against another player simultaneously. (The DuelLINK option causes completed lines to be passed to the other player's puzzle). Special shapes liven up the play and include guns, bombs, and anvils. Also on this disk is DreamVoir (also from DreamWorld Software). It allows you to create slide shows and play SoundSmith music in the background.

[ ] DR. MARIO. A translation of the popular Nintendo game in which the object is to kill germs by lining up multi-colored pills. Also included on this disk is Quintette, a variation of the Go-Moku. This beautifully designed game from France also allows you to play straight Go-Moku. Pac Man NDA allows you to play a tiny game of Pac Man from the Apple Pull Down menu. In Puzzle GS you have to place randomly-arranged letters in order. The Match Game is a new implementation of the strategy game Nim.

[ ] SENSEI. An excellent translation of the popular arcade game Karate Champ. Disk must be booted from slot 5. Supports both joystick and keyboard control. Created by the French Tools Association.

[ ] MILESTONES 2000 (reliefware). The object of this game is to complete a car trip sooner than your computer opponent by selecting "cards." Certain cards (extra gas, self-sealing tires, etc.) aid you in your journey, while other cards (speed limits, flat tires, etc.) slow your opponent down. Clean graphics, excellent mouse interface, digitized sound effects and on-line help. This was InCider Magazine's Editors' Choice for August 1991. The author, Ken Franklin, will pass along the proceeds for this software to help the homeless.

[ ] CARD GAMES (shareware). Three well-implemented card games for the IIGS. Memory Cards is a "Concentration"-type game in which you try to match pairs of cards. Wisconsin Rummy is a cross between Rummy Royale and Michigan Pool (if that means anything to you). Hearts is an implementation of the classic games. Instructions are included on disk.

[ ] GS ASSORTED GAMES. This disk contains an assortment of games including cribbage, backgammon (NDA), Rubik's Cube, Golden Bug, Elevators, Video Poker, Word Search, Wheel of Fortune (text version), and a coin flipper NDA.

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