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PROJECT NO.1:Early Bird Jenny

This is a long time dream of mine to build and fly my own airplane. I learned to fly in Cessna 172's and 152's. The 152 was more fun to fly because of it's responsiveness, small size and maneuverability as compared to the "truck" like handling of the 172. Some times I would open the windows in the 152 while cruising around Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Antelope Valley or over Malibu beach to feel the wind at 80 mph. This was very exhilerating and let you know you were in the air and not just in a "spam can" mechanically moving through the touch-and-go pattern at Van Nuys. I'm what I would call a "spirit pilot" I like to be in touch with the air when I fly. This is why I decided to build an open cockpit biplane. To me this is what flying is all about. If you want to travel fast take an airliner! In the future I will be posting pictures of my progress in construction (these pictures will also be used for proof that I built the plane when the FAA does thier inspection for certification). So, stop by often for updates on this project and the others that are on the list. I will be showing how to build the other projects and will be offering plans to anyone interested. Drop me a line when you get some time and let me know what you think!

PROJECT NO.2: Flight Simulator:

I have built a computer flight simulator cockpit that is currently residing in my garage collecting dust. I will eventually finish the project with flight stick and controls. For switches and levers I will use an EPIC board (B&D Electronics). This board allows you to use just about any switch or knob or slider (so long as they are electrical) to control your computer game and replace and emulate the keyboard inputs. I HAVE A SET OF PLANS FOR THIS SIMULATOR FOR $20 POSTAGE PAID BY ME. INQUIRE AT MY E-MAIL I will have more on this later! MORE:

PROJECT NO.3: Morse Code:

This is more of a product than a project. I have developed a method for memorizing Morse code using a visual representation of the key code and code letter or number. I don't know if this has already been done before but, it allowed me to easily learn Morse code in less than a half hour while on a family trip. Knowing Morse code allowed me to easily identify VOR stations and other identifiers without constantly refering to charts whilst flying through the air -- even my flight instructor was impressed! It has been several years since I devised the method and I could still tap out anything and understand anything in Morse Code. I think I'll market the method for $5 bucks (everyone is a capitalist!). I believe it would be very useful for pilots, radio operators, even boy scouts working toward merit badges.

PROJECT NO.4 VOR Navigation Method:

While I was training for my instrument pilot rating I became very confused several times when I was given VOR vectors to follow and I had to quickly compute the reverse vector and steer a course. I devised a method for instantly knowing the reverse vector, and I'm not talking about adding, subtracting 2 or anything like that. I mean instantly! More later!

PROJECT NO.5: Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine

I designed and built a vacuum forming machine made of wood and a shop vac. It works well with 11"x11" plastic no more than 0.020" thick. More on this later!

HERE IS MORE: I have plans for this project for $10 postage paid.Contact me at my E-mail address shown below.


Meeting: 3rd Fri., 8:00 PM Contact President Charles Ducat, PRES

(818) 705-2744

I belong to EAA Chapter 40 based in Van Nuys. We are a mixture of all kinds of pilots, men and women alike! We have airline pilots, retired military, private pilots, inventors, entreprenuers, aeronautical engineers, doctors ,lawyers, house wives, just about every walk of life is in our group! If you are a pilot or used to be or are just interested in a great time and learning from others join your local chapter of EAA. More to come! Tune in later on!


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