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Welcome to Darkforest...

...There are many dangers in the Darkforest so watch your step... An evil element slowly comes over Lodoss like a rain cloud. Watch from the shadows as order turns to chaos...
Thirteen have come and gone Crimson death, crimson blood Rise from Hell, its fire burns everywhere Thirteen, the spell's begun Summon up the devil's son A monster born within everyone --Misfits
Here's my devotion to the best anime and manga series to date. RECORD OF LODOSS WAR. The characters are inticing as the plot. From my favorite Woodchuck or Wood to Deedlit, all of the characters are great. It's great how they slowly develop through the thirteen episode AOV series of six tapes. Parn especially grows. He starts out barely even being able to hold a sword but ends up being a well seasoned fighter. Dark elf's make up a good amount of the Marmo forces. The Marmo forces leave a path of destruction wherever they go. Led by King Beld and then Ashrum after King Beld's untimely demise. They destroy all that is holy in an effort to conquer of Lodoss.
This is Deed or Deedlit. She joined the party of adventurers because of her interest in Parn. They met when she warned Parn of the oncoming goblins. This is Parn. Parn's father was a holy knight of Valis and Parn wants only to follow in the tradition. This often upsets Deedlit because she never gets any desired attention from Parn. Ala enter love story...

Characters of Record of Lodoss War. The heroes:

The villains:

Bios: Orson and Shiris

Hrury's Curse
Here's a story about Orson the berserker mercenary and his partner Shiris after the Second Age of Heroes. It's written by the great Dweomer and I definitely recommend reading this bootleg. If you read this story and think you can do better or think your story would be a great addition to my so far tiny collection, PLEASE E-MAIL ME YOUR STORY!
Here's Pirotess. One of my favorite characters. She's a dark elf that wields a whip and often throughs daggers. She's a master of both and she's Ashram's right hand ma... errrr... woman! She can also cast powerful spells. She's like an evil version of Deedlit.
You are Number to enter the dark forest.
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