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Saudi Arabia is a big country and it has many beautiful cities like Riyadh, the capital city Dammam, and Jeddah, the city which I'll tell you about. In the west side of Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea there is a beautiful city called Jeddah. It's an old city but it has been modernized. The weather there usually hot and humid, and the people of Jeddah are very friendly .
For many years ago Jeddah city was very non-city, to the Arab and Muslim people who wanted to visit the holy city Mekkah. The old buildings with the old Islamic designs are still there in some parts of the city. The government has been modernizing the city, but they also have been renewing the old buildings without destroying the Islamic design . You can see some of those buildings in downtown Jeddah where the old shopping center is located, and you can buy many things from there with very, very good prices.
The weather of Jeddah is usually hot, but in Spring time the weather is very nice, especially when you go to the beach. While you are walking on the beach you can see many hotels, art, and also you can see the third highest fountain in the world . The people of Saudi Arabia are very friendly especially the people of Jeddah so you're not going to feel alone there . Since you are visiting Saudi Arabia you should eat < KABSA > the food which all Saudi people eat . It's made of rice and meat. Also there is some delicious seafood you should try .
That isn't every thing about Jeddah but if you visit it you don't need a guide. You'll find everything by yourself