If you are bored, go here.... it is a new addiction and you can help me out by clicking on it... Plus it's good fun!... Beats the hell out of ranting and raving over the bastardized american DBZ

~The amazing shrinking website!~

Usually right here and now I would be welcoming viewers but it just isn't possible anymore - I've not been able to access the site for the past few months and it's slowed the new site down one hell of a lot. On top of this some clever bastard at Lycos minimized the site so that you get old pages and no menu bar at the right side of the screen. Sorry for the inconvenience, and I will be updating shortly. Oh may I mention I've been too busy to stay for long on my computer so problems must be killed silently but hey, I'm alive, I just dn't know if aybody reads me any more :( *snif* Anyhow, have fun kids :)

~The party is over but the dream lives on!~
Oh, by the way, did I mention I found some of my Dragon Ball volumes? Ah those were the days when Japan could sell stuff to England without some middle-man...Tracked down volume 16 of Dragon Ball just lately which means I've done all and seen all Dragon Ball! On the other hand, I've yet to see DBGT which might suprise some of you but hey, it's crappy (or so they say) so what's the point...besides, I'd rather read something with style which is fun at the same time like Appleseed or 'Fist'. Ah that's a good point, my really old site that got banned is coming back with a vengance! The almighty 'Brainbaby' previously known as 'Dirtyboy dot com'! That will host the bulk of this site and eventually I can do the rehash.


This site is for fun and not to attack any efforts of FUNimation in any way, this is really a site based on the original series, but so people get it into their thick skulls what I'm about I had to aim a negative blow to the dubbing companies, but some of them do a fould job anyway, look at 'Monkey!' for example. Well, at least it had cool music...

Until we meet again, young Saiyafreaks!

~Keep Hope Alive!~