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Darren Wharton

main man of

Interview by Eric from Rock Time magazine

Rock Time magazine

Here is a short Darren Wharton Interwiew for Rock Time Magazine. Speaking bad English, hope you'll can understand my questions, answers are in correct English of course Darren!!

Rock Time: When we saw each other during the release party in Munich (98) you already

had in mind the title of your new album: BELIEF; 3 years passed (which

appeared to us centuries, believe me) before the record is born. We can't

really say that the tour with THIN LIZZY or DARE are a tour marathon then

why it took so much time?

Darren Wharton: Probably because I had a sound, an ambience and vision of how I wanted

'Belief' to sound. If I wrote a song which did not fit into the vision... then I put it away

for future projects.....this however, takes up more time.

R.T.:Are there songs which appear on BELIEF who came from CALM BEFORE THE STORM

sessions? If yes, witch ones?

D.W.:No not really. I did have 'Belief' the song... but 'Calm Before....' was written as a whole

album. The demo tape for 'Calm' is almost identical to the album.

R.T.:When the songs for BELIEF were composed?

D.W.:1998 to 2000

R.T.:How many songs was composed for BELIEF? What will be happen for the songs

witch you didn't put on the record?

D.W.:Round about twenty songs. The songs that didn't make it are in my Cubase

file waiting to be re-vamped...or used in future recordings.

R.T.:On BELIEF, the Celtic tones are more marked than on CALM BEFORE THE STORM,

what are the reasons ?

D.W.:No reason really. I thought it would be a nice change for Dare to feature some traditional instruments

There have always been a Celtic feel with my songs.....'King of Spades'..... ''Raindance'...'We don't need a reason'..etc so to me it was a natural thing to do.

R.T.:Have you an idea about many copies was sold of CBTS album?

D.W.:.... lots and lots!>

R.T.:If you should compare CBTS and BELIEF what would you say?

D.W.:I'm proud of both albums.... the next album will be slightly different again!

R.T.:BELIEF is even more soft than CBTS; did you have already in your mind this

direction or songs have evolved in time. For example Who's will you run to

is more acoustic on the album than on the demo.

D.W.:I don't merit an album on how heavy or light it is. Its the message, and what the songs

are saying that's important to me.

R.T.:When we saw each other at the (20/05/2000) Richie and you said me that you

will put When will the fire be over (Wait till ' forever) on the album. Why

didn't you it? It is a fabulous song, how can you hide it to your fans?.

D.W.:I suppose it goes back to the vision thing. I still like the song also....but

it didn't seem to fit in with the newer songs..... but never say never!

R.T.:Some artists take out demos for the fans; why don't you do it? now you

have your own label, it would avoid keeping such songs hidden and believe

me, your fans will enjoy with it.

D.W.:Its worth thinking about.... but I wouldn't want someone to buy something

I was 100% happy with......that's why the songs don't get released!

R.T.:When you are in tour with Thin Lizzy, John Sykes acts in real boss, why

does not he let you sing for example Still in with you because you sing this

song with more emotion?

On the other hand, your set list is always the same, THIN LIZZY has so many

other classical songs why do not change sometimes the set list, thinking

that some fans should do several dates?

D.W.:I think the 'Lizzy' set was a good running order. It included all of my

faves. We didn't have a lot of rehearsals for that tour...

so we didn't have time to learn different material.

Scott and John asked me to sing a few songs on the tour...

but I didn't feel comfortable singing from behind the keyboard....

I guess that's the reason.

R.T.:At the Biebob, but I heard you played again in Munich Emerald in a

wonderful acoustic version, it would be great idea to put it on a record I

think; as a bonus track or on a single. Did you already think about it?

D.W.:Yes... Scott and myself have already recorded this version. It will be released next year.

On which album?... I'm not sure yet.

R.T.:After 4 studio albums, don't you think time is coming for a live album to

your fans?

D.W.:I prefer Dare recorded in the studio. Live is Live...that's good enough for me!

R.T.:You will play at the Biebob on December 7th (I'll be there) but the other

dates are not yet announced; Will it be the only one concert or some other

dates will be add?

D.W.:6th 7th & 8th.... I'm not sure of the venues yet.

R.T.:I learnt that you lived in a charming place in the North of Wales called

Snowdonia. Since how long do you live there? Watching the pictures of this

country, I suppose that it should be one of your main sources of

inspiration? At least we can feel it on BELIEF. Do you think that your way

of composing would have been different if you had stayed around of

Manchester where you are native?

D.W.:Most probably. I do feel at home in the country side. Its hard not to get inspired

by the scenery.... infact, anything that is beautiful will usually make an impression on me!

R.T.:I read that you plan to record a solo album which would go in the

direction of Under the sun. It is surprising because Under the sun sounds

typically DARE, your imprint (by your style and your voice being too much

marked we wonder the real interest to release a record under your own name

which the fans are going to assimilate at once to a DARE record. What are

your real motivations and what will be the difference between DARE and

Darren Wharton?

D.W.:I'm not sure at the moment if I will release a solo album. I'm happy with the way

'Belief' has been accepted musically , and I feel that the boundaries for Dare

are wide enough now for me to completely express my-self musically. So I don't

think there will be a need to record a solo album.

R.T.: By the way, You played Under the sun at the Gods 98 but it seems you didn't

play it anymore; can we hope someday listen to this wonderful song on stage

because I think this soft song could be easily insert into the new

material? (I'd never hear it live).

D.W.:Maybe!... I hope that we can tour enough so that we have to include new material into the set.

R.T.:Are the songs for your solo record already written and when you will go

in studio to record them?

D.W.:The songs I had in mind for my solo album will be on the next Dare album

R.T.: How happened Wigan's show to which I was not able to go? How was the

crowd? I imagine great because you played in your born town?

D.W.:The crowd were great, I was very happy with the response. Its a shame there aren't more

festivals for melodic rock bands. Actually, Manchester is where I was born!

R.T.:I'm curious, can you give me the set list? ( just knowing what I missed!)

D.W.:Silent Thunder, Promised Land, Someday, Calm Before The Storm, White Horses,

Abandon, Into The Fire, Emerald (Unplugged) Lies, Crown Of Thorns, Return The Heart,

King Of Spades, Still In Love, Whiskey In The Jar (Unplugged).

So this is it!! Thanks Darren and thanks to Eric who send me this interview.