Fuzzy Logic Ramblings

Hello and welcome to my wonderful ramblings. This page is just filled with nonsense due to absolute boredom. If you came here looking for something intelligent, I suggest you visit the Mensa Homepage. This will be more like a journal, and each entry will be dated in any manner I wish. There is no guarantee I'll update this page often, my brain is on leave of absence quite often. So here goes.

April 14th, 2000

Does technology really do what you tell it to do? DOES IT???? I mean... my computer.... poor thing.... gets screwed SO easily. Maybe it's because i try doing too many things at once. Who knows. Oh well. I'm not a genius, it's not up my alley. Today I learned a VERY valuable piece of knowledge. There is sawdust in McDonald's hamburgers. Yum. Thank God i don't eat meat anymore. So now... Animal Rights activists AND Save the Trees campaignists will be buggin poor 'ol Rotten Ronnie. And KFC uses cultured chickens for their food. What is cultured chicken? No, it's not chicken with religious beliefs. Well... it's a chicken.... that's been so abused and mutilated... that it doesn't look like a chicken anymore. The poor things are kept in cages that are so small that can't spread their wings, their feet warp, their organs don't develop right, and they are force-fed by tubes. How disgusting is that? hhmm. Oh yeah, you know that mensa link i have up there? Well, in my search for it, the first guess to find it would be to enter www.mensa.com. Folks, that's a porn site with a fancy name. Just thought I'd warn ya.

April 15th, 2000

Something occured to me this morning. It slapped me in the face. THE DELETE KEY IS A COMMUNIST PLOT! Ok. I'm cleaning up my room, just thinking a bit... and it occurs to me. What's the delete key for? It's to perfect our typing. Why do we need to perfect our typing? Because society says we need to have perfect typing to be understood. We should all try to be the same. Does this make any sense to you? At the time I was thinking it, it made perfect sense..... but now it seems kinda scrambled... yikes. To get any frustrations out, I recommend bowling. Where else do you get to throw an object with a strong force to know something down, and it's legal?? And you get points for it?? All you have to do is make you sure don't break the glass while you're at it.

August 5th, 2000

Went to a wedding last night. It was fun. Me and my friend Cristal danced our butts off all night. The first day Cristal got to this town, I warned her about the guys here. They're all assholes. She learned this piece of advice first-hand when a few guys were being assholes to us 2 hours after she arrived. Anyway, back to the wedding. We went to get ice cream. Incidentally, we were on the corner of a street making our way to the convenience store when some people thought we were hookers. Now that's just great. Just because you wear a dress in this town and walk down a street, you're a hooker. Hhmm.

November 6th, 2000

"There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self."
- Aldous Huxley

Yep, what a genius that guy was. The onions my mom's chopping are making my eyes water.

November 6th, 2001

I don't get it, i really don't. Last week, this page was completely gone. All of it. Wiped off the face of the internet. Vanished. I tried to log in to update (something i admit i had neglected to do in about 6 months) and it asked me to register again... and it asked me if i wanted to start building my page... and when i went to log in tonight to cancel my registration so i could get a different address with my email, BANG, it was all here! wow! But man this place is outdated...

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