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Here is a list of quotes that I have compiled. In case you are wondering why they are all mainly from the same people, that is because I was probably around the people who said them while they said it. (Hi going out to Cristal while I'm at it!!!) I've expanded this page to quotes that others have passed on through word of mouth... it may get a bit silly! So sit back and enjoy knowing you're not the only one who says stupid things.....

Quotes So Far

13. "That's like trying to push a car up a hill with a rope." - Greg

12. "Who wants to get off Jimmy in the bathtub?" - Ryan

11. (While filling up water balloons) Erika- "God this isn't very fast! Me - "Ya, cause it's going slow!"

10. "Silence is the sound of laughter, think about it!" - Erika

9. (With a phone book to her ear) " I can't hear anything, it must be a bad connection!" - Erika

8. "Is the mailman made of paper?" - Erika's little sister

7. "You're so short that you feel headaches in your feet!" - Erika - talking (insulting?) to me

6. "If I were illiterate, I wouldn't be able to read that" - Erika, talking about the crappy motel sign on the highway.

5. "I don't know what I'm thinking of, but it must be pretty funny because I'm laughing." - Erika

4. "I always considered that intimate was being in the outhouse with a loved one." - Erika's little sister, aged 9

3. "Quick, get the house to the key!" - My mom

2. "I can't see through the glass window!" - Erika

1. "I wanna drink a gallon of turpentine and piss on a brush fire" - Erika's little sister

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