About Teena

So you're a nosy little fuck and want to find out something that I may not ordinarly tell you? Hmmm...

Name: Teena

Nicknames: Tellie and Teen

Age: 20

Pets: A cat Majik and a strange goldfish named Hannibal

Hometown: Kapuskasing, Ontario

School: Northern College

Studying: Drug and alcohol counselling

Favourite Passtimes: Waste life, study human behaviour, burn things.

Favourite Colour: Black... is there any other colour?

Fave Place to Go: To hell.

Motto: Does it seem like I'm the kind of person that has a motto?

Pet Peeve: People and their stupid cell phones. It's like they were born with the shitty-ass things attached to their ears like an umbillical cord. When I'm in class I want to hear the teacher, not your voice detailing your sexual endeavors the night before.

Favourite Song: I don't really have one, but if I did it would be something you'd hate.

Where you can find me: In my room. Ha.

If you want to find out something else, e-mail me you lazy fuck.

Email: katpawz1983@msn.com

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