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Fav #1:Fushigi Yuugi

'bout a cute KINDA ditzy grrl, Yuuki Miaka She gets transpored to Ancient China and is supposed to have all these special powers to gather the 7 seishi of Konan and call the God Suzaku That's to make a long story short, but I highly suggest you watch it. Very awesome indeed.

Fushigi Yuugi pics

Fav #2:Ruroni Kenshin

(That's prolly spelt wrong)

Now THIS guy is hot!!! Kenshin It's about a killer for the goverment and he has sworn never to kill anyone again so he's a good guy now. Well he was always a good guy he just did bad things. I haven't really watched much of it so I'm prolly not the best person to explain all this. I do know he's got this funky sword and the blade is on the wrong end. And he's got a scar on his face which make him EXTRA hot!. I'd suggest watching this one too. It' really funny but DOES have a few serious moments. It's jkust an over all good Anime

Fav #3:Ushio and Tora

Now I've only seen about 4 episondes of this show, but I already know that I love it! I failed to see the first one but I can pick up on it pretty quickly. Ushio is a guy. About 15 years old I THINK. He pulls this spear out of his basement wall and discovers a monster has been trapped by it for about 500 years. The monstor being TORA! The loud mouth swearing Tiger-looking type thing that swears all it wants is to eat Ushio when he;s not looking but neer really get's around to it and actually HELPS Ushio and his friends out. It's Hilarious! We like to count how many times Tora swears in one episode and if we were to play that as a drinking game.. we'd be so drunk so Fast! Watch this ANIME!

Ushio and Tora pics

Well those are my 3 fav's. I like a bunch more, and there some I've never seen I jsut like the piccies too. So I post them up here. Liek Dark stalkers. I've only seen the first movie. I warn you though None of these Characters are mine. I take absolutley NO CREDIT for them. So I can't get in shit by anyone! haha!! So just shut up and look at the pretty pictures.

Ohkay, for more FY pics you can go to my REAL REAL REAL old page. It was made in grade 9 and I was just scary then. So yeah. It still sucks though. My old FY page

cool people from Dark stalkers

Ukoyo from Ranma

Morrigan love from Dark Stalkers

I don't know where she's from, but she's cool lookin

Ranma and Akane

The always hot VAN

I adore this pic

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