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Daydreams Daycare HandBook and Contract



DAYCARE PROVIDER-PARENT AGREEMENT. Effective Jan 1 -Dec 31st.2005.

To Daydreams Daycare.

Daycare Provider-Parent Agreement. Effective January 1st.2005
A. Each child must visit my home for one half hour before placement to help reduce separation fears and to see how the child will fit in.
B. If we agree that the child will be placed the parents must provide the following:
1. A completed registration form.
2. A completed record of age required immunizations.
3. Authorization to receive emergency medical care.
4. Authorization to transport the child in my vehicle.
5. Authorization for field trips, walks, etc.
C. The first 2 weeks of care are probationary for provider, parent and child.
This Agreement may be terminated any time during that period. Otherwise, two weeks notice is required if the child is to be permanently removed from this Daycare.

Upon enrollment with Daydreams Daycare, you will have a folder on the wall with your families name on it for important notices, reminders, information etc…please check yours daily!

Hours of Operation.
The Daycare will not be open on the following holidays:
Easter Memorial Day Thanksgiving Labor Day 4th of July Good Friday Christmas Eve and Day My vacation ___________________. New Years Day

Fees, Payment, and Scheduling.
A non-refundable $20.00 fee will be charged upon registration of each child. This covers my cost/time involved in registration materials, as well as start-up supplies that are needed.
A. Fee schedule effective Jan 1st through Dec 31st 2005.
B. Effective with this agreement is my hourly rate of $2.50 an hour.
C. There will be a late fee after 5:30 p.m. of $3.00 per every fifteen minutes.
D. Charges are based on the time you have arranged to leave your child to the time you actually pick up on the half hour. For example, if you have arranged to drop off your child at 8:30 a.m. you will then be charged from that time even if you drop off later. You will then be charged on the half hour when you pick up, example, if you pick up at 4:15 p.m. you will be charged for 4:30 p.m.
E. This fee covers breakfast, lunch, and two snack breaks. This only applies if the children arrive within specified meal and snack times.
Breakfast is 7:30 – 8:15 a.m. Morning snack is 9:45 – 10:00 Lunch is 11:30 – 12:00 p.m. Pm snack is 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. F. A schedule is required by Friday of each week informing me of days and hours Daycare is needed for the following week.
G. Any change in schedule during week (child coming early, staying late, etc) Advance notice is appreciated.
H. Any addition of days to original schedule must have 24 hour notice.
I. Any change to original schedule (early leave or no shows will be charged.
J. Children will be picked up no later than 5:30. K. Payment for Daycare services is due each Friday unless other arrangements have Been made, If payment is not made on arranged date, a $5.00 a day late fee goes into effect until balance is paid in full.
L. Advance notices of vacation days are required at least one week in advance.
M. There are a limited number of spaces available; therefore, weekly payments are not based on child's attendance. Remember you are paying for QUALITY of care, not QUANTITY! Your fees are my entire income and to ensure that I can continue to care for your child, I please ask that you plan on making your daycare payment on time. Childcare providers depend on their income just as you do, so please do not be delinquent. What does your fee include? Where does your money go?*Unconditional Love and Nurturing of your child-----Priceless* Dependability* Family Environment* A wide variety of arts and crafts supplies* Nutritious Meals and Snacks* A good variety of fun and educational toys to stimulate your child* Car, gas and wear and tear from grocery and supply shopping* Furniture and toys wear and tear, cleaning and replacement of items* Cleaning Supplies: Keeping the daycare facility clean and free of germs* Constant education and training for Provider and for staff* Birthday Gifts and parties* Utilities: electricity, water, gas, cable, phone, garbagePlease remember to be considerate of the fact that not only do I have aHome daycare, but I have a family. Pick up your child on time so my family can do our errands and be able to spend time together. Please remember to pay your childcare fees on time, as this is a REAL job that feeds and cares for my family. I am caring, thoughtful, helpful & true. I just ask for the same consideration from you! I give one sick/free day allowed per calendar month (not to be carried over fromonth to month). So after the one sick/free day is used you will be charged for this space whether your child is in attendance on the scheduled day or not-This guarantees that your child will always have this spot. Also each family has one week of vacation to be used in consecutive days and the daycare fee is waived. I know that it is important for family time and as little stress as possible during this time. Just knowing you do not pay for daycare for the week gives you that much more to spend and share with your family. Like other self-employed workers, family childcare providers do not receive the benefits many employees take for granted. I hope this gives you a better picture of the true cost of childcare. The day-to-day business cost is 42% of the gross of the daycare. Another 20% goes to business fees, professional fees, and business taxes. What is left, minus self-employment taxes, is the gross income of the provider. Your rate not only reflects my salary but the operating cost of the business. I hope this helps with understanding the rates and the reasoning behind my payment policies. .
N. Extended leaves over two weeks or change in schedule to less days, openings will not be held open.
O. Rates will be evaluated in Dec. You will be notified of any changes in Jan, and any rate changes will be effective on Feb 1st 2003.

Typical Daily Schedule.
A. Meal times- Breakfast is 7:30 – 8:15 a.m. Morning snack is 9:45 – 10:00 Lunch is 11:30 – 12:00 p.m. Pm snack is 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. B. Napping or quiet time is 1:00-3:00. C. Daily schedule will include:
1.Free play activities-large variety of toys and books. 2.Outdoor play- sandbox, out door toys, basketball hoop, nice swing set area.
3. Small muscle play blocks, lego’s, puzzles, beads to string, stacking, sorting, cars etc.
4.Preschool activities include- painting, coloring, cutting, gluing, play dough, etc.
The shapes, some numbers, and letters are covered, combined with the different Seasons and holiday arts and crafts.
If parent and child do not celebrate some or All holidays due to religion and or other circumstances, please inform me and We can work out some other type of activity equal in satisfaction to parent, Child and provider.
5.Stories, songs, rhymes, and music.
6.Creative play-dress up, dolls, dishes, puppets, picnic basket, etc.
7.Television will be kept to a minimum and will vary depending on the weather, and mood of the children, etc.

Meals and Snacks.
A. All beverages will be 100% fruit juice or 2% milk.
B. Meals and snacks will be nutritional and the daily menu will follow the guidelines recommended by the Child Care Food Program.

A. Your child will be transported only in an automobile in safe operating condition That is covered by insurance and operated by a licensed and safe driver.
B. Your Child will be at all times in a seat belt or other protective device suitable For his-her age and weight.
C. There will be occasional field trips to the park. There will be at least one adult for every six children.
You will be notified of any field trips in advance, and I will try and let you know if I will be transporting your child for any other reason

Health Policies and Procedures.
A. Medical Emergencies:
1.Immediate first aid will be given.
2.An ambulance will be called and the recommendations of the paramedics will be followed.
3.Parents will be notified as soon as possible.
If you are not available, other family or friends on your registration card will be notified.
4.Parnets are responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of emergency room care, ambulance, etc. used for Emergencies is
: St. Francis Hospital
3401 Ludington
Escanaba Michigan, 49829

B. First Aid Procedures.
1.First aid will be in accordance with the Red Cross first aid class and the poison center.
2.A complete first aid kit, ice packs, and emergency numbers will be kept on the premises.
3. Parents will be notified of all accidents and a record of injuries will be kept on each child.

C. Illnesses.
1.Children displaying illness of fever 101 or greater, vomiting, diarrhea, should not come to daycare.
If child displays any of these symptoms while in my care, parents will be notified to come and pick child up.
2.If your child will be missing daycare due to illness, please notify me by phone in the morning or the previous evening.
3.Child with contagious disease must have written release from physician before returning to daycare.
D. Communicable disease prevention and reporting.
1.Your child will be kept isolated from other children as much as possible if your child has a communicable disease.
2.Each child will be observed daily for illnesses.
3.Individual bedding, washcloths, glasses, etc. will be used to minimize spreading infection.
E. Hand washing, diapering, sanitizing, and laundering policies.
1.Daycare provider will wash hands before and after diapering, toileting, eating, handling, and preparing food, and handling contaminated materials.
2.Children will wash after toileting, after handling contaminated materials and before and after eating.
3.Diapers will be changed regularly and immediately after a bowel movement.
4.Bedding will be laundered as needed or once a week.

F. Medication Management.
1.All prescribed medication must be labeled with the child’s name and must be accompanied with written permission from the parent to dispense.
2.As needed medication must be labeled with the child’s name and must be accompanied with written permission from the parent to dispense.

G. Health Records.
1.Immunization records and the date of your child’s last physical examination must be kept up to date.
2.Please notify me of any special health problems or concerns regarding your child or family.

H. Religious Activities.
1.Religious music, (e.g., Christmas carols) may be played or sung.

Non-Discrimination Policy.
No Child will be discriminated against on the basis of race or religion.
Discipline Policy.
1.Children 1 day to 2 years of age: -
Childs attention will be diverted away from source of conflict or danger to another interest.
Attention will be given to a child who is frustrated simply because he-she needs to be held or rocked.
2.Children 2 to 4 years of age:
-Listen and observe problem, will intervene and offer a solution if child can not resolve.
Time out will be used if suggested solution or another activity doesn’t resolve issue.
Time out will consist of being separated from the group.
(1 minute for each year of age.)
3. Children 5 years old and up:
-Explain rules of acceptable behavior and consequences for breaking rules. Time out will be used after talking, listening, and suggested solution to resolve conflict doesn’t work.
Corporal Punishment of any kind will not be used.

Chronic Disruptive Behavior.
We will make every effort to work with the parents of children having difficulties in child care.
We are here to serve and protect all of our children, children displaying chronic disruptive behavior which has been determined to be upsetting to the physical or emotional well being of another child may require the following actions:
*Initial Consultation.
The Provider may require the parent(s) of any child who attends Daydreams Daycare to meet for a conference.
The problem will be defined on paper.
Goals will be established and the parent(s) will be involved in creating approaches towards solving the problem.
*Second Consultation.
If the initial plan for helping the child fails, the parent(s) will again be required to meet with the provider.
Another attempt will be made to identify the problem, outline new approaches to the problem, and discuss the consequences if progress in not apparent.
When the previous attempts have been followed and no progress has been made towards solving the problem, the child may be suspended from the Daycare indefinitely.
Daydreams Daycare may immediately suspend a child at anytime he/she exhibits a behavior which is harmful to him/herself or others.
A parent may be called from work at anytime the child exhibits uncontrollable behavior that cannot be modified by the Daydreams Daycare staff.
That parent may be asked to take the child home immediately.
Suspensions from the daycare program may vary from a few hours to an indefinite period.

Discharge Policy.
Daydreams Daycare reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of a child for the following reasons:
*Non-payment or excessive late payments of fees.
*Parents not observing the rules of the daycare as outlined in the parent agreement.
*Child has special needs which we cannot adequately meet with our current staffing patterns.
*Physical and/or verbal abuse of staff by parent or child.

Miscellaneous Information.
1.All children will be appropriately dressed for the weather- outside play will be daily weather permitting.
2.Children will come to my home bathed and with clean clothes.
3.Children bringing personal belongings (toys, books, etc…) from home is allowed as long as it is understood that these things must be shared and I am not responsible for items if broken.
4.Parents are responsible for supplying wet-ones, diapers, formula and bottles.
5.Parents have free access to all areas of my home and yard that are used by the kids.
6.No smoking is allowed in the daycare home at any time.
7.Parents are free to call anytime to see how their child is doing. An answering machine will be used at times to avoid interruptions, but I will return your call as soon as possible.
8.Fire drills will be conducted monthly and recorded on the evacuation plan that is posted on the entry bulletin board.
9.As a daycare provider I am required to report any suspected child abuse or neglect.
10.The schools that serve this area are Franklin, Holy Name, New Jefferson, Lemmer and Webster Schools.
11.Parents are encouraged to discuss their child with me at any time, or to call in the evening, or on the weekends.
I strongly believe that good communication is essential to good daycare and happy children.

Provider Responsibilities.
-Provide nutritious and balanced meals.
-Provide a safe and clean environment.
-Treat each child as an individual with love and respect.
-Provide toys, art supplies, play equipment appropriate for the age of child in care.
-Maintain my state license in accordance with state rules and regulations.
-Be open to suggestions and or criticism.
Provider Qualifications.
-Mother of two
-Member of Community Coordinated Child Care of the U.P.
-Working on CDA Preschool Endorsement and Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education.
-Member of the Child Care Food Program.
-Certified in adult and infant CPR (American Red Cross).
-Certified in First Aid (American Red Cross). -References available.
Provider retains the right to enforce these policies at will.
Lack of enforcement of a certain policy, at any given time, does not indicate that a particular policy is no longer in effect.
Any other questions or concerns not listed here please call me at any time at 1-906-786-2332.


Daydreams Daycare
Contract-Policies and Procedures
I __________________________,
Parent or guardian of ___________________
have entered into an agreement with Daydreams Daycare and have agreed to the following arrangement.
The attached guidelines have been read, discussed, and understood and will be acknowledged by the parents.
At the time of enrollment my child is _________ yrs old, and will attend ___________ days per week, from approx ___________to___________ each day.
My rate of Childcare will be ______________.
My payments will be due every ____________.
My payment weekly will be ______________.
Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
There will be a late fee of $3.00 for every 15 minutes you are late after your contracted pick up time.
And a $5.00 late fee daily if payment is not made on prearranged date.
The first two weeks of care will be on a trial basis only.
After this trial period, we will decide together if this is the best situation for everyone.
I have read, understand and agree that one sick/free day is allowed each month-not to be carried over from month to month-and also 1 free week of vacation per family a year to be used in consecutive days and that I am responsible for paying for the spot that I have secured for my child in Daydreams Daycare after that free/sick day is used each month and outside of the 1 free week of vacation per year (not to be carried over from year to year).
Two weeks notice must be given before termination of this agreement.
I, __________________________ have acknowledged and agree to the above.
X _____________________________________ Date _____________________.

Provider retains the right to enforce these policies at will.
Lack of enforcement of a certain policy, at any given time, does not indicate that a particular policy is no longer in effect.
Any other questions or concerns not listed here, you can reach me at

Daydreams Daycare
License # DG210076982
Konnie Isetts