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Daycare Supply Catalogs...

ABC School Supply-Drop by and order a catalog to check out their great products

Connelly-3-Publishing group-Learning materials for young children, their parents, and early childhood educators.

Creative SchoolHouse Inc.-Educational supplies of all kinds. Check out their online catalog.

Discount School Supply-Great stuff and prices... I have ordered from them and was pleased.

Early Childhood Manufacturers Direct-Find furniture, equipment, and learning materials.

J.L. Hammett-Provides educational materials for use in classrooms and homes.

Lakeshore Leaning materials-Find age-appropriate, unique, and exclusive educational materials and toys. Order a catalog.

Live and Learn-A reseller of high quality, educational children's products such as games, crafts, puzzles, and more.

Natural Learning-Educational resources plus phonemic awareness books and cassettes.

Preschool power videos-Skill-teaching home video series for small children.

Rainbow Frog Productions-Audio cassette collections of original songs for children.

Re-print Corp.-Find pre-school supplies, early childhood materials, arts and crafts supplies, classroom furniture, and more.

S & S Activities-Order their catalog and find classroom materials and group activity packs that make learning fun.

Smart-t-pants.-Find educational and developmental toys.

Story Teller-Wonderful products - specializing in felt visual aids. Order a catalog.

Story teller, another..-Yes, another story teller link... Same great products, different distributor.

And another story teller-And yet another one... Find a distributor near you....

Teacher's tool-(Carson Delsoa)-Aimed at school teachers, but some great stuff here. Use thier online order form.

Video Smart-Online catalog of thousands of videos and CDs designed to make learning fun for children.

Carson Delosa Supply Catalog