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How AllAdvantage Works

To explain how AllAdvantage is able to pay you money to surf the net I have made a little graph below and will compare it to watching a television commercial.

How getting paid to surf the web really works:



1. You watch TV. 1. You surf the net.
2. A commercial comes on. 2. An ad is showing on a part of your screen.
3. A company pays the TV station to show the commercial. 3. A company pays AllAdvantage to show the ad.
4. The TV station keeps all the money as profit. 4. AllAdvantage keeps some of the money as profit and gives the rest of the money to YOU!

Earn more by telling your friends

Once you have signed up you will get a little member ID.  Using this ID you can "refer", or tell your friends about AllAdvantage.  You will then not only get paid for your surfing time, but AllAdvantage will give you money when your friends surf as well.  You even get paid for the people your friends refer, and the people they refer, and they refer, and so on, creating your own little AllAdvantage community or "down line".  Your "down line" is what starts to bring in the big bucks.

The Catch

I just finished showing a friend of mine how to sign up.  They asked a question that I seem to get a lot:

"What's the catch?"

To be honest, I laughed.  The catch is that if you don't surf, you won't get paid. HA HA!  It does not get any more simpler then that people.

Seriously, if there was a catch, I never would have signed up in the first place because I hate fine print.

What do you need to do?

Sign up, download the AllAdvantage Viewbar so you can start viewing ads, surf the web while the viewbar is running and refer all your friends.

Sign up for AllAdvantage here!

View a picture of the first check I received from AllAdvantage.

Click here to view the demo. E-mail me with questions.



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