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Coby's Collection of Misc. Freebies

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January 28, 1998

Free New Testament Bible

Please do not abuse this offer!! It is for those who do not have a Bible & for those that are willing to read it!!

CURRENT Free Billy Graham Offer - the book The Mind of Christ
Received a calender & book More Stories fot the Heart

January 27, 1998

Free Poster of a Greek Painter

Free Sample of Cure-dentsŪ Quill Toothpicks

January 26, 1996

Free essential oil sample of spruce and cedar

Free Bottle of Furniture Polish

1 (800) 867-7258 - Sea Salt samples from The Grain and Salt Society

Free Mousepad from Popular Bank of Florida

Free Sample of GermArrest

January 25, 1998

1 (888) 694-3278 American Heart Association. Women can call to receive a free 10 minute prepaid phonecard, and information on women's heart health issues.

Your Name in the News

Free Book "Beginning Again"

Free Booklet "The 90's"

Free Book "No One to Call Me Home"

Free Book "Northland Fisherman"

Free Christian Books
Darkness Before Dawn & Steps to Christ

Free Book from IT IS WRITTEN

Free Racing Postcards

Free interactive CD about the life of Christ

January 20, 1998

Free Gospel Materials

Free Sample Cleaner from EZ-QUI

Free Fishing Lure & Catalog from Panther Martin

January 19, 1998

Free Poster "People of Colours"

Free Stuff from The Voice of Prophecy

January 16, 1998

Over 300 Free Catalogs

Christian Freebies


January 15, 1998

Free Smoke-Free Kids Poster

January 12, 1998

Free Stuff from Living Word Ministries
Received ~ GREAT STUFF!!

Free Mousepad from KJUL in Las Vegas

January 10, 1998

Free Issue of Spare Time Magazine

Two Free Rolls of Film from Dale Labs

Free One Year Subscription to Energy Times Magazine

January 6, 1998

Free Kid's Book from The Puzzle Club

Free Keyboard Cover

Free Bible Study Book

Free Golf Stuff

Free "Live the Dream" Poster

Free Herbal Dictionary

Free 1998 Celebrity Calendar - LOOKS COOL!!

January 5, 1998

Free Coupon for Sunlight Gel

Free Stickers - 3 to choose from

Free Gift from Flowers of Tomorrow
Received a coaster

Free Gift from OMICRON

Free Gift from Perceptions Magazine

Free Gift from Sears on your child's Birthday!

Free Gift from Unity Life

January 4, 1998

Free 12 Issue Subscription to Computer Games Strategy Plus Magazine

Free Calendar from David Evans & Assoc., Inc.

Free Iron On Papers

Free Poster about Advanced Light Source

10 Free Bookmarks

TeachFree Classroom Kits for Teachers

Free Publication/Video from The Safe & Drug Free Schools Program

Free Trial Issue of Creative Kids Magazine

1 (800) 932-1111 From the publishers of People Magazine, try a free copy of "Teen People"

January 1, 1998

1 (800) 952-4059 Free Post It Notes Samples

December 31, 1997

Free Booklet, "Our Daily Bread" & others

December 29, 1997

Free Ferry Morse Seeds ~ Join their Club FREE

Samples from Free Style Promotions

Request a Catalog & Get a Free Greeting Card *Not Electronic Either*

Request a Catalog - Get Free Wedding Bubbles

Free Gift - Not sure what!!

Free Gift from Mitzie's Decorating

Free Poster from Mitsubishi Wireless

December 22, 1997

Free Pail Guard

Get 110 FREE Gifts!

Free Paper Samples

Free Sweater Pattern

Free Sample "Instant Stick & Hold"

Free Writing Pen

Free Sample from PurSwab

Visit NetRadio

December 15, 1997

Money-Saving Coupons from Duraflame
Received - They also offer a free "virtual campsite" screensaver!

Free Million Dollar Bill

Free Bumper Sticker, Cassettes, etc.

Free Disney Stamp

Free Button "I don't do business as usual"
Received ~ 2/2/98

December 8, 1997

Free Packet of Redwood Seeds

Free Book - "Warning! Revelation is About to be Fulfilled"

Free Sample from Maple Leaf
Received a Refrigerator Magnet - Pretty Cute!

Free WWJD Bracelet

Free Mystic Film

Free Signature Film

December 1, 1997

Free Poem Poster - You Print It!!

Free Hunting Sticker

Free Navy Seal Poster

Free NaturScent Ameretto Parfait

Free "Nature Journal" Pocket Diary

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