The Nightstone Project: A Guide To Gargoyles

Well, here we have my latest attempt at guide writing. As with my first ones, I wrote this by first finding a complete list of episodes from an existing website, and then I wrote the plot synopses from memory. Gargoyles is one of my favorite cartoons of all time, and I hope I did it justice. Oh, and one last thing. For some reason, a lot of Star Trek actors provided voices for this show. I point out all Star Trek connections wherever they are. So, enjoy!

Season 1 (1994/1995)

Awakening, Part I
The series begins with our heroes in their home, Scotland in 994 A.D. The Vikings have attacked the castle, and it is feared that they will do so again. It appears that our heroes will be safe, but there is a betrayer in their midst.... (Star Trek connection: With the first episode, Marina Sirtis (Troi on The Next Generation) is introduced as Demona's voice)

Awakening, Part II
His clan betrayed, Goliath and the surviving gargoyles go after the Vikings and the betrayer, the captain of the guard. Fearing that Goliath's arrival caused the death of Princess Catherine, the Magus casts a spell that turns our heroes to stone, until Castle Wyvern rises above the clouds. 1000 years later, Xanatos hears of this legend, and has the castle moved to the top of his building, breaking the spell. (Star Trek connection: Jonathan Frakes, Riker of The Next Generation, gives voice to Xanatos)

Awakening, Part III
In this new world, Goliath befriends Elisa Maza, a human detective. Hudson chooses his name, and then Elisa shows Goliath the wonders of the modern world. (Favorite scene: I love the part where Hudson chooses his name. That, and when Hudson discovers TV. He changes it to a music video station, hears the warbling of some punk rocker, and runs out of the room in terror.)

Awakening, Part IV
Xanatos reveals that Demona (Goliath's love, thought to have died in Part I) is still alive, and she rejoins the clan. The other gargoyles choose their names. Xanatos then enlists the gargoyles to recover property that was stolen from him in Part II.

Awakening, Part V
Xanatos and Demona show their true evil natures when they turn on the gargoyles, and Xanatos unleashes his Steel Clan robots.

The Thrill of the Hunt
Lexington, wanting to make more friends in this new world, reveals himself to TV stars the Pack: Fox, Dingo, Wolf, Hyena, and Jackal. It turns out, though, that the Pack are actually mercenaries, and they soon hunt Lexington and Goliath through the city for sport.

Demona returns, and tries to sway Brooklyn to her way of thinking. She says that Goliath can be swayed too, with a spell from the Gremorin. Brooklyn falls for this, but the spell enslaves Goliath. Can Brooklyn find the counter-spell and save Goliath?

Deadly Force
Broadway just gets out of a movie and stops by Elisa's place. Emulating what he saw in the movie, he begins playing with Elisa's gun, and accidentally shoots her. Horrified at what he did, he takes off into the night. The clan believes that it was mobster Tony Dracon who shot her, and Goliath sets out to take down Dracon. Will Goliath succeed? Will Broadway confess to what he did? Will Elisa live? (Trivia note: This episode won a few awards for its strong, anti-gun message. Ironically, the Disney channel in the U.S. will not show this episode in reruns because of its frank depiction of gun violence. Star Trek connection: Nichelle Nichols, Uhura of the original series, is introduced as the voice of Elisa's mother.)

Enter MacBeth
Xanatos is about to be released from prison (for his crimes in Awakening Part V) and wants the gargoyles out of his castle. He is approached by a mysterious old man named MacBeth, who wants to do it. MacBeth succeeds in capturing Brooklyn, Lexington, and Bronx. Goliath goes after them, and MacBeth reveals that he just wants the gargoyles to bait a trap for Demona. Just what is his connection to Demona? (Important plot point: This ends with the gargoyles moving into the clock tower.)

The Edge
Xanatos is released from prison, and wonders if he's lost his edge in battle. To test himself, he dons a gargoyle exosuit, and heads out with a few steel clan robots to take on Goliath in combat.

Long Way to Morning
Hudson and a critically wounded Goliath are being pursued through the streets of New York by a laser-wielding Demona. To keep Goliath conscious during the chase, Hudson and Goliath reminisce about a similar incident in 984 A.D., when he, Goliath, and Demona were dispatched to defeat the Archmage. (Favorite scene: the final battle between Hudson and Demona, while Goliath lay unconscious in a crypt, is quite chilling.)

Her Brother's Keeper
Xanatos offers up his most fiendish plot yet: offering Elisa's brother Derek a job! As this is happening, Jackal and Hyena are hired by someone to assassinate Xanatos. Can Elisa stop her brother from joining Xanatos? Can Jackal and Hyena be stopped once again? (Puzzling moment: In this episode, the clan gets a helicopter, yet never use it again.)

As winter sets in, Goliath questions his clan's purpose in this new era. He follows Elisa on duty to try and get some new sense of purpose. Meanwhile, Xanatos and Demona use a combination of science and sorcery to create Coldstone; a cybernetic gargoyle who was once Goliath's rookery brother. Can Goliath stop his brother? Can he find a place in this new world? (Star Trek connection: Michael Dorn, Worf of The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, does the voice of Coldstone. I've got lots of favorite lines from this episode:
Xanatos >> IT'S ALIVE! ALIVE! (pause) I've always wanted to say that (right after Coldstone first awakens.)
Or how about Coldstone choosing his name:
Coldstone>> Who...What am I?
Demona>> You are cold stone brought back to life.
Coldstone>> Cold...stone....
And this one: While Goliath and Coldstone fight outside of a theater, we see the trio inside
Broadway>> Boy, that surround sound is great!
Lexington >> Hey! Wait a minute! There are no explosions in Bambi!
All around, a great episode)

Season 2 (1995/1996)

Leader of the Pack
The Pack (except for Fox, who chooses to stay in prison and serve out her time) are busted out by a person calling himself Coyote. Coyote reveals himself to be Xanatos, and asks the Pack to help him gain vengeance on the gargoyles. Of course, Wolf and Coyote dispute over who should lead the Pack. Can the clan defeat these foes once again? Will Lexington be consumed with vengeance over how he was used in The Thrill Of The Hunt? (Important plot point: Of course, Coyote is revealed to be a robotic duplicate built by Xanatos, and becomes a new villain.)

When Brooklyn spots what appears to be a gargoyle, the clan is lead to GenUTech, a subsidiary of Xanatos Enterprises headed by Dr. Sevarius. It seems that Xanatos enlisted Sevarius to create gargoyles, and Sevarius did this by developing a mutagen that turns humans into gargoyle-like creatures. But, Sevarius injects Derek Maza (Elisa's brother) with the mutagen, and Derek becomes the gargoyle Talon. Blaming Goliath for his mutation, Talon mobilizes the other gargoyles Sevarius has created against the clan. Can Brooklyn's feelings for the female mutate save the mutates from a life of evil?

Coldstone is reawakened, but the clan is puzzled when Coldstone goes through strange mood swings. To get to the bottom of this, Goliath uses virtual reality technology to journey into Coldstone's mind, and discovers the truth. Coldstone was made from the biological components of three dead gargoyles: Coldstone, Coldstone's love, and Coldstone's enemy. And now, all three souls inhabit Coldstone's body. To make matters worse, a computer program designed by Xanatos has sided with Coldstone's enemy, and a computer virus is destroying everything. Can Goliath stop this battle of the minds?

A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time
MacBeth is back, and goes after the recently discovered Scrolls of Merlin, which are thought to contain a powerful spell. The clan goes after the MacBeth, but Hudson is separated from the clan and meets Jeffery Robbins, a blind novelist. In their conversations, Hudson reveals that he is illiterate. Will Hudson take the first brave steps and learn to read? Can the clan recover the Scrolls of Merlin? (Trivia note: Like Deadly Force, this episode won an award for its strong, pro-literacy message.)

The Mirror
Demona gets her hands on the Mirror of Titania, and uses it to summon forth Puck. Demona wants Puck to use his magic to allow her to retain her gargoyle form in the daytime. But, Puck decides to have some fun, and turns all the humans in New York into gargoyles, and the clan into humans. Goliath and company sort matters out, and soon get Puck to reverse the spell. But, before Puck leaves, he grants Demona her wish, but with a twist: in the day, Demona turns into a human! (Star Trek Connection: Brent Spiner, Data of The Next Generation, gives voice to Puck. Also, you've got to love the scene where Elisa is turned into a gargoyle, but the clan hasn't been turned into humans yet. She and Goliath actually flirt with each other!)

The Silver Falcon
When Matt Bluestone, Elisa's partner, disappears, Elisa goes hunting for him. Broadway, having watched too many detective movies, goes along, wanting to be Elisa's partner. Their search soon leads them to Tony Dracon, and a 60-year old jewel heist. Can they save Bluestone? Can they unravel what happened to the jewels?

Eye of the Beholder
Xanatos proposes marriage to Fox. Instead of an engagement ring, he gives her the magical Eye of Odin. But, the Eye turns Fox into a rampaging werewolf. Will Xanatos turn to Goliath to save the woman he loves? (Note: Another favorite episode. The majority of events take place on Halloween, with the gargoyles enjoying the fact that they can walk around unnoticed. As another reference to their burgeoning romance, Elisa dresses up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast for Halloween, with Goliath being the beast. Xanatos' marriage proposal is one of my favorite scenes in the series, and my favorite lines are:
Xanatos (after he and Goliath have saved Fox) >> Now you know my weakness.
Goliath >> Only you would consider love a weakness.)

The wedding day has come for Xanatos and Fox, and the best man and bridesmaid are Goliath and Demona respectively. It soon turns into a ploy for Xanatos to get his hands on the Phoenix Gate, a magical item that allows time travel with a thought. Xanatos, Fox, Goliath, Demona, and Xanatos' father are sent back in time to 984 A.D. Xanatos initiates a time-loop that results in him amassing his fortune, and Demona tries to corrupt her younger self to her way of thinking. Can Goliath save the younger Demona and perhaps save Demona?

City of Stone, Part I
Demona comes to Xanatos with a spell, saying that it is what has kept her immortal for all these years. Meanwhile, in flashback, we finally see how Demona saved herself from the massacre at Castle Wyvern all those years ago, and how she crossed paths with a young boy named MacBeth. And, the weird sisters watch....

City of Stone, Part II
Demona lied about the spell, and instead it turns all the people in New York to stone at sunset. Demona goes about shattering all the stone people, as Goliath and Xanatos form an uneasy alliance to stop Demona. As this goes on, a being called the Hunter also looks for Demona. Meanwhile, in flashback, we see the Hunter hunting down an elderly Demona, and Malcome, king of Scotland, conspiring to have his cousin MacBeth eliminated to fortify his hold on the throne.

City of Stone, Part III
Goliath and Xanatos put their plan into action to try and break the spell, while Demona and the Hunter slug it out. Meanwhile, in flashback, we see Malcome declaring war on MacBeth, and Demona still being pursued by the Hunter. In order to defeat their enemies, MacBeth and Demona form an uneasy alliance, and the weird sisters seal the bargain with a spell which has MacBeth's youth given to Demona. MacBeth becomes king of Scotland, and Demona (whom he names) becomes his chief advisor.

City of Stone, Part IV
Demona sabotages Xanatos and Goliath's plan in a way that will result in the death of both. The Hunter reveals himself to be MacBeth, and the two fight it out for what may be the final time. Meanwhile, in flashback, we see how MacBeth and Demona became good friends over the course of 39 years, only to betray each other when Malcome's son Canmore dons the mask of the Hunter to defeat both his enemies. The connection between the two is finally explained, and how Demona lived all these years. Can Goliath stop the two from fighting so he can break the spell? Or will he need intervention from the weird sisters? (Note: Words cannot describe how much I love this four-part episode! This is storytelling at its finest.)

High Noon
Demona and MacBeth, now mysteriously working together, abduct the body of Coldstone and resurrect him, with the evil soul taking charge. The three manage to capture the clan, and say that they will be destroyed at high noon unless Elisa comes to save them. Will a sleep-deprived Elisa make it in time? Will Coldstone's good personality regain control of the body? And just why are Demona and MacBeth working together?

When Cyberbiotics launches Fortress II, their massive floating airship, Goliath tags along, to make sure nothing happens. (Xanatos tricked Goliath into destroying Fortress I in Awakening, Part IV) But, Helsian Renard, the head of Cyberbiotics, is onboard the ship, and captures Goliath. His intent: simply make Goliath admit that he is responsible for the destruction of Fortress I. Meanwhile, Fox launches a very hostile takeover of Cyberbiotics by bribing Renard's assistant to sabotage Fortress II. Can Renard and Goliath save Fortress II? What's the deal with Renard and Fox? And why exactly is a doctor calling Fox with test results?

The Illuminate, a secret society that is the focus of Matt Bluestone's quest, say that they will let Bluestone in if he does one little thing: bring Goliath to their torture chamber. Bluestone confronts Elisa about the secret she's been keeping from him, and he finally meets the gargoyles. But, will Bluestone sell out his new friends to fulfil his lifelong quest of exposing the Illuminate? (Trivia note: I loved the character of Matt Bluestone! I sure wish we got to see more of him, but this is the only Bluestone episode.)

Double Jeopardy
Xanatos has Sevarius create Thailog, and evil clone of Goliath. But, soon Thailog turns on his creators and sets up an extortion plot to get $50 million from Xanatos, and then sets up a death trap for Xanatos, Sevarius, Goliath, and Elisa. Can the combined might of the four stop this evil clone? (Favorite lines:
Owen >> So, what you're saying is Thailog has the strength of Goliath, the intelligence of [Xanatos], $50 million, and is loose on the world?
Xanatos >> Owen, I think I've created a monster.)

Coyote breaks the Pack out of prison again. But this time, he offers the Pack true power. The result: Wolf is genetically enhanced with wolf DNA, Jackal and Hyena become cyborgs, Dingo gets an exosuit, and Coyote gets a bigger, badder robot body. Meanwhile, Goliath's heart is heavy with who he should choose to be his second in command. Can the clan defeat this all new Hyper-Pack? Who will Goliath choose as second in command?

Tony Dracon is the undisputed king of the protection racket in New York. Elisa, going undercover to bust him, tries to muscle in on his operation. But soon, Goliath and Broadway are wrapped up in the plot. Can Goliath, Broadway, and Elisa take down Tony Dracon once and for all?

The Cage
Talon and the mutates return, in the employ of Xanatos and still after Goliath. Meanwhile, somebody abducts Sevarius, and forces him to make a cure for Talon's mutation. Will Talon finally see Xanatos for the villain he is? Just who abducted Sevarius? And where the heck is Goliath in all this?

The Price
Xanatos sets up an elaborate ruse to abduct Hudson. It seems that Xanatos has come into possession of the Cauldron of Life, which is said to grant "life as long as the mountain stones." Xanatos wants to use Hudson as his guinea pig. Meanwhile, to keep the rest of the clan occupied, Xanatos has a robotic duplicate of MacBeth attack the clan. Will the clan uncover the ruse? Will Hudson escape from Xanatos? (Important plot point: From this episode on, Owen's left arm is solid stone from the elbow down.)

Avalon, Part I
Tom, a young boy from Awakening, comes to New York, now a man of 50. He tracks down Goliath, saying that the eggs from Awakening are in danger, and that he needs Goliath's help. Goliath, Bronx, and Elisa go off with Tom to Avalon, while Tom tells them what happened to himself, Princess Catherine, the Magus, and the eggs in the events after Awakening Part II.

Avalon, Part II
Our heroes arrive on Avalon, to discover that in fact, the eggs have hatched into full grown gargoyles! It seems that the island is under siege by the Archmage, who somehow survived the events in Long Way Til Morning, formed an alliance with the weird sisters, and is using Demona and MacBeth as his generals. Meanwhile, in what has got to be my favorite time travel story ever, it is explained how the Archmage survived and became the sorcerer supreme he is. (Favorite line: "Congratulations. You beat up a beach." -- The Archmage, after Goliath and the Avalon clan successfully defeat the Archmage's sand-monsters.)

Avalon, Part III
In order to aid in the battle against the Archmage, Elisa awakens the sleeping king: King Arthur. While King Arthur and the Avalon clan hold off Demona and MacBeth and the Magus does battle with the weird sisters, Goliath goes off to face the Archmage for the final time. When the day is one, Angela, one of the Avalon clan, decides to accompany Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx back to New York. (Favorite line: "Avalon does not send you where you want to go. It sends you where you need to be." -- Tom, and with those words, the world tour storyline began. Oh, and Goliath recovered the Eye of Odin and the Phoenix Gate from the body of the Archmage, and brought them with him on the world tour.)

Shadows of the Past
The first stop on the world tour is Scotland, and the original home of Castle Wyvern. Here, Goliath must do battle with ghosts of Hakon, the Viking captain, and the Captain of the Guard, who betrayed the clan way back in Awakening Part II. Can Goliath defeat these ghosts from his past? (Note: The final act of this episode is just so...anime in how it's animated, and in the twists that the plot takes.)

Avalon next sends our heroes to Canada (more specifically, B.C.). Here, they meet up with Raven and Grandmother, two of Oberon's Children. To save the dying island, the tribal leader of the First Nations village on the island must do battle with Raven, but he doesn't believe in such things as magic. Can Goliath, Angela, Elisa, and Bronx help this young man reconnect with his heritage, battle Raven, and save the island?

We catch up with the rest of Goliath's clan in New York, who are worried over the mysterious disappearance of Goliath, Elisa and Bronx. With their disappearance, leadership falls to Brooklyn, who is feeling quite inadequate in the task. Meanwhile, the mutates have taken up residence underground, and have become the protectors of a group of homeless people. Fang wants to overthrow Talon and rule these people. Can Brooklyn grow into the role of leader and help save Talon from Fang? (Favorite scene: When Claw, the mutate who does not speak, explains in a series of hilarious gestures to Fang how Maggie the Cat escaped. She, of course, went to get Brooklyn.)

Our world travelers are next sent to Loch Ness, where Sevarius is attempting to capture Nessie and her mate. He inadvertently captures Angela, runs a DNA test on her, and discovers that she is Goliath's daughter! Can Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx find Angela? Can they save the Loch Ness Monsters from Sevarius?

Prague is the next stop on the world tour, where we run into Helsian Renard. It seems that Renard tires of his frail body, and has discovered a spell that will allow him to transfer his soul into a golem -- a monster made of clay from Jewish mythology. Renard has hired a gang of Prague mobsters to steal the golem from a young rabbi, who's trying to resurrect the golem to once again protect the city. Can our travelers recover the golem and prevent Renard from going through with his scheme?

Paris, France is the next stop, where our heroes encounter Demona. She romances MacBeth in her human form by day, and Thailog by night! Can our heroes uncover this scheme and save MacBeth from Demona and Thailog? Will Angela discover that Demona is her mother? (Favorite line: "But next time, be sure to get a good look at her at night." -- Goliath, reassuring MacBeth that he will fall in love again.)

London, England is where Avalon sends our heroes next. There, they encounter another clan of gargoyles, still alive and well! This clan blames Goliath for the disappearance of Griff, a young gargoyle lost in World War II. To get their vengeance on Goliath, they abduct Angela, Elisa, and Bronx and hold them prisoner. To get to the bottom of this, Goliath uses the Phoenix Gate to go back in time to World War II. Can he save Griff this time?

Egypt is the next stop, where our heroes encounter Coyote, Hyena, Jackal, and Wolf assisting a man named Amir in Xanatos' latest plot for immortality. The scheme: summon forth Anubis, and have him grant Xanatos his immortality. But, Amir has another plot: get Anubis to resurrect his dead son. Things get even worse when Jackal becomes an avatar for Anubis! Can our heroes defeat Jackal when he masters control of life and death? (Favorite line: "If there is any justice in this world or the next, he is reunited in peace with his son." -- Goliath, contemplating what happened to Amir at the end of this adventure.)

The Hound of Ulster
Ireland is the next stop, where our heroes are abducted by the Banshee. Bronx manages to escape, and encounters a young man lacking direction in his life. This young man is haunted with dreams, and may be the reincarnation of one of Ireland's greatest heroes. Can Bronx help him remember the hero he was in a past life? Can they rescue the rest of our heroes from the Banshee? (Star Trek Connection: Colm Meany, O'Brian of Deep Space Nine, is the voice of the young man's father.)

Avalon sends our heroes to Australia, where they encounter Dingo upon a spiritual journey. Meanwhile, Fox and her mother, Anastasia Renard, are experimenting with nanites to rebuild the earth in Fox and Xanatos' image. But, the nanites get out of control and threaten to destroy the earth. Can Goliath and Dingo stop these hive-minded nanites? Or must the battle continue in the spirit plane? (Star Trek Connection: Kate Mulgrew, Captain Janeway of Voyager, is the voice of Fox's mother.)

Mark of the Panther
Africa is the next stop, where we encounter Elisa's mother reconnecting with her roots. Meanwhile, our heroes are puzzled when they are attacked by a were-panther. It seems that another of Elisa's mother's group is a were-panther, and they were turned that way by Ananceid, a spider trickster god from African lore. Can our heroes get Ananceid to reverse the spell? (Star Trek Connections: Not only is Nichelle Nichols back as the voice of Elisa's mother, but LeVar Burton, Geordi of The Next Generation, is the voice of Ananceid.)

We catch up with King Arthur, on his own world tour from the end of Avalon Part III. He is sent to London, where he meets up with Griff. Soon, the Stone of Destiny sends King Arthur and Griff to New York to quest for Excaliber. They encounter Brooklyn and Goliath's clan, who help in the quest. Meanwhile, MacBeth has learned of their quest, and since he too is an immortal king, believes himself to be worthy of Excaliber. So, who will find Excaliber first, King Arthur, or MacBeth? (Trivia note: The creators had hoped that this would launch a spin-off, entitled Pendragon, following King Arthur's adventures in the modern world as he searches for Merlin and rebuilds the Round Table.)

Eye Of The Storm
Avalon next sends our heroes to Norway, where they encounter Odin. Odin demands his eye back, and goes through violent means to get it. To protect our heroes from Odin, Goliath dons the Eye of Odin, but soon he too is corrupted by its power. Can Angela and Elisa stop a power-mad Goliath?

The New Olympians
The cloaked island of New Olympia is the next stop on the world tour. Here, all the great beings from Greek mythology live in hiding. Elisa is immediately locked up, because the New Olympians declared humans to be their enemies a long time ago. Meanwhile, Proteus, an evil shapeshifter, uses the commotion caused by our heroes arrival to escape and try and destroy the island. Can Elisa prove herself and help Taurus (the island's law and order) bring in Proteus? (Star Trek Connection: Michael Dorn is back as the voice of Taurus. Trivia note: This episode was hoped to launch another spin-off called The New Olympians, and focus on the wonders of these people.)

The Green
Guatemala is the next stop on the world tour, where our heroes encounter another surviving clan of gargoyles protecting the rainforest from greedy developers. These gargoyles don't turn to stone during the day, thanks to a magic spell. The developers hire Jackal and Hyena to get rid off the gargoyles. So, Hyena goes to New York to get what is required to break the spell, but encounters resistance from Broadway and Lexington. Jackal stays behind, and causes trouble for our travelers and the Guatemalan clan. Can they stop Jackal? Will Hyena break the spell, and make our heroes vulnerable in the day?

Avalon sends our heroes to Easter Island, where Angela and Bronx are abducted, and Elisa has her memory erased. This turns out to be the work of Nokor, an alien sentinel sent to this planet centuries ago to protect us from invading aliens. He believes the gargoyles to be the first wave of an invasion, and erased Elisa's memory to "save" her. Can Elisa regain her memory and save the gargoyles? (Star Trek Connection: Avery Brooks, Captain Sisko of Deep Space Nine, is the voice of Nokor.)

Next stop: Japan. Here, our heroes encounter a village where gargoyles and humans have lived in peaceful coexistence for centuries. But, a villainous member of this village and Yama, one of the Japanese gargoyles, see an opportunity for profit, and abduct all the gargoyles and make them prisoner in a gargoyle-themed amusement park. Can Goliath, Angela and Bronx escape? Will Elisa find them? Will Yama realize the folly of his way?

Cloud Fathers
Avalon next sends our heroes to Arizona, where they encounter Elisa's father and little sister investigating Xanatos' latest development in the area. It seems that Xanatos, with the aid of the Coyote robot, are seeking to capture the Coyote trickster from Native American lore, and make him grant Xanatos his wish of immortality. Can our heroes stop Xanatos? Will Elisa's father reconnect with his Native American roots and help our heroes? (Favorite line: "It's my first stab at real cliched villainy. How am I doing?" -- Xanatos, after he imprisons Goliath and Angela in an elaborate death trap.)

Ill Met By Moonlight
Our travelers return to Avalon, ready to try and reach New York again. But, Oberon and Titania return to reclaim their island. They decide to duel for the island, and Goliath, Angela, and Gabriel (one of the Avalon clan) face Oberon in combat. While this goes on, Elisa, Princess Catherine, and Tom seek to forge a weapon to defeat Oberon. Will Goliath and clan succeed? Will Elisa forge the proper weapon to stop Oberon? (Star Trek Connection: Kate Mulgrew, Captain Janeway, is the voice of Titania. Gee, I wonder if there's a connection between her and Fox's mother? Trivia note: The creators had hoped to get Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard) to voice Oberon, but he proved unaffordable. So, they settled on Terrance Stamp, Chancellor Velorum in Star Wars: Episode I.)

Future Tense
Goliath and our heroes return to New York. But, this New York is a nightmare world 40 years in the future. Here, Xanatos is dictator of all, and about to conquer the world. Brooklyn, Demona, a blind Broadway, and a cybernetic Lexington valiantly lead a resistance against Xanatos. Will they succeed in their rebellion? And why is everyone so keen on using the Phoenix Gate to alter history? It turns out this is a delusion set up by Puck, to try and get the Phoenix Gate from Goliath. With the Phoenix Gate, he can bribe Oberon and get out of the Gathering. (Star Trek connection: Brent Spiner returns as the voice of Puck. Trivia note: This was hoped to launch yet another spin-off, showing us an Age of Apocalypse-style Gargoyles universe.)

The Gathering, Part I
At long last, our heroes return to the real New York! This coincides with the announcement of the birth of Alexander, the son of Xanatos and Fox. The Gathering has begun on Avalon, in which all of Oberon's children come home. When his wife Titania, and his servant Puck, don't return, he goes searching for them. This leads him to New York, where Fox's mother is revealed to be Titania. This means that Alexander is one-quarter Oberon's child, and as such, must be brought to Avalon to be trained to use his magical skills. Xanatos and Fox, naturally resist. Will Goliath and the clan stop Oberon from abducting the child? (Star Trek Connection: Yup. Kate Mulgrew as Titania/Anastasia Renard.)

The Gathering, Part II
All hell breaks loose as Xanatos, Goliath and the clan, and Cyberbiotics (Renard is Alexander's grandfather, after all) all try and hold off Oberon. Just when things seem their bleakest, Owen appears, and reveals himself to be Puck! He's been in hiding because he likes the real world, and doesn't want to return to Avalon just yet. But, even his magic can't defeat Oberon, and Oberon moves in to kidnap Alexander. But, Fox taps into her long-atrophied magic abilities, and holds of Oberon. Goliath points out that this changes things, and that Alexander can be trained to use his magic in the real world. Oberon agrees, and, as Puck's punishment for turning against his master, Puck is banished from Avalon, and can only use his magic when teaching or protecting Alexander. Puck turns back into Owen, and reluctantly agrees. The gargoyles go home, and Xanatos feels that he owes Goliath a great deal....

Goliath and Hudson are out on patrol, only to be attacked by Wolf and the ghost of Hakon. Turns out that Wolf is Hakon's descendant, and together they seek vengeance on Goliath once and for all. Meanwhile, Vinnie, a minor background character from half-a-dozen episodes, also blames Goliath for his dismal life, and seeks vengeance. Can Goliath and Hudson stop this onslaught? (Note: I always wonder if Wolf was always meant to be Hakon's descendant, or if the creators just wrote that in when they realized the same guy did their voices. Also, you've got to love Vinnie's revenge: smacking Goliath in the face with a banana cream pie.)

Those Czech mobsters from Golem return, and are trying to muscle their way into New York. This sparks off a gang war with Tony Dracon. Meanwhile, the trio has begun fighting over Angela, much to her chagrin. Can the trio stop fighting long enough to stop this gang war? (Favorite lines: "And guys, STOP CALLING ME ANGIE!" -- Angela, laying down the law and stopping the fight between the trio. "So, when do we get our world tour?" -- Brooklyn, to Goliath, after Angela reveals that she has 15 rookery sisters on Avalon. Also, I love the end, when Tony Dracon and the head of the Czech mobsters are made cell-mates, and immediately begin beating the crap out of each other.)

The Reckoning
The clan manages to capture Demona, and wonder what to do with her. With the help of the mutates, they decide to lock her away with Fang, still serving time for trying to overthrow Talon in Kingdom. While watching guard, Angela tries to reach her mother, and try to get her to reform. But, it turns out this was all a plot by Demona and Thailog to get DNA samples of all the gargoyles, and create a clan of evil clones. Can the clan and Talon defeat Fang, Demona, and a clan of evil clones? Was Angela successful in reaching her mother? (Favorite line: "They can come with me. I'll teach them to think for themselves. And use verbs." -- Talon, after he decides to take in the monosyllabic clones after Thailog and Demona apparently die at each other's hands.)

In order to start repaying his debt to Goliath, Xanatos captures Coldstone, and plans on giving all three souls their own bodies. But, the magic that infused the souls into Coldstone can't be undone. The solution: Puck decides to teach Alexander the art of soul-transference. So, taking upon the forms of Goliath and Hudson, Puck and Alexander transfer Coldstone and Coldfire's (Coldstone's love) souls into Broadway and Angela, and Coldsteel's (Coldstone's enemy) into Brooklyn. Things soon become one confusing mess of who's-possessed-by-who. But, it is a great episode, with Coldstone and Coldfire together at last, and going off into the night to stop the evil Coldsteel.

Hunter's Moon, Part I
The mantle of the Hunter has been passed down from generation to generation in the Canmore family, and now the latest Canmores have come to New York, bent on destroying Demona once and for all. As part of their plan, they get close to people who have been associated with the gargoyles in New York: John Canmore becomes a reporter doing a story on Xanatos, Robin Canmore becomes the personal assistant to Dominique Destine (Demona in human form), and Jason Canmore becomes Elisa's new partner. A relationship seems to develop between Jason and Elisa, much to Goliath's dismay. And, the Hunters critically wound Angela, incurring Goliath's wrath.

Hunter's Moon, Part II
Goliath slowly becomes more and more consumed with hatred towards the Hunters, and vows to destroy them. This even results in a temporary alliance with Demona when they are both captured. But, when Goliath escapes, the Hunters track them back to the clock tower, and prepare to blow away the gargoyles....

Hunter's Moon, Part III
The Canmores' true identities are revealed when Jason frantically saves Elisa before the clock tower is destroyed. Now homeless, and with their pictures plastered all over TV, the gargoyles are being hunted by the whole city. Jason Canmore and Goliath slug it out, but the battle ends with the apparent death of both Jason and Elisa. As all this goes on, Demona is about to unleash a virus created by sorcery which will destroy every human on the planet. Can the gargoyles and Hunters team-up to stop Demona? Will Xanatos jump into the fray and save the gargoyles? MY GOD, THIS THREE PARTER IS JUST SO FRIGGIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Season 3: The Goliath Chronicles (1996/1997. Rushed into production, a lot of people don't like The Goliath Chronicles. It was done by completely different writers, and had a poorer quality of animation. I, however, find a few gems in this season.)

The Journey
Not much plot. Just setting up the major plot points for the new season. They are: With Xanatos and Fox having saved the gargoyles, Xanatos questions his evil ways and decides to reform. Lexington and Alexander form a special bond, and Lexington becomes Alexander's protector. Broadway and Angela fall in love, crushing Brooklyn's heart. Humanity decides weather the gargoyles should be accepted or feared (a lot like the mutants of the X-Men universe). And John Canmore, the only non-reformed Hunter, changes his name to John Castaway and forms the Quarrymen, a gargoyle hate group (a lot like the Friends of Humanity in X-Men).

Alexander is kidnaped, and the ransom demanded is a gargoyle. This turns out to be a plot by New York's latest mayoral candidate, who hopes to rally people behind him in an anti-gargoyle frenzy. Can Xanatos uncover this plot and save his son? Or will Lexington make the sacrifice and turn himself in to the captors?

Brooklyn, hurting over Angela's choosing of Broadway and Goliath not giving him proper respect as second-in-command, leaves the clan. He soon becomes protector of two teenage runaways, who are being seduced by the evil of the Quarrymen. Can Brooklyn save these kids? Will he decide to go home?

Broadway Goes To Hollywood
In an effort to speed up society's acceptance of the gargoyles, Fox takes Broadway out to Los Angeles, bent on making him a star. But, the Quarrymen hire Jackal and Hyena to gum up the works. (Favorite line: "Loving wife, devoted mother, armed vigilante." -- Xanatos, writing his wife's epitaph, when she dons an armored exosuit to save Broadway from Jackal and Hyena.)

A Bronx Tail
Bronx is swept away on a rail car to Amish country, where he befriends a young Amish boy. Meanwhile, sightings of Bronx in the area have swept up an anti-gargoyle frenzy among the rednecks. Can Xanatos and the clan find and rescue Bronx in time?

The Dying Of The Light
Hudson fears that he is losing his sight, and seeks the help of his blind friend Jeffery Robbins. Robbins, knowing that Hudson is a gargoyle, takes Hudson to his doctor, where it is learned that Hudson's sight can be fixed with surgery. When word gets out that a gargoyle is at the hospital, the Quarrymen seek to destroy it. Can Hudson save the hospital?

And Justice For All
The gargoyles thwart a bank robbery, but Goliath is knocked unconscious, captured by the police, and charged with the robbery. Wanting to show that the gargoyles can live in human society, Goliath demands his day (or night, in this case) in court, and has to rely on a rookie legal aid to clear his name. Meanwhile, Elisa and the clan frantically search for the two witnesses who can support Goliath's alibi.

Genesis Undone
The clones return, and they are dying. It turns out that there's a flaw in Sevarius' cloning process. Can the gargoyles trust Sevarius to make a cure? Can Thailog be trusted? Or will these two villains follow their own agenda?

The clan is being stalked by a mercenary with the power to turn invisible. Angela believes that the key to defeating this foe lies with Demona, her mother. For a while, it seems that Demona is willing to reform to help stop this invisible man, but this turns out to be Demona's latest plot to get her daughter to join her.

...For It May Come True
Goliath wonders if he's doing any good in society. He then wakes up one morning to discover that he's human, married to Elisa, and working for a still-evil Xanatos! What's happening to Goliath? Can he uncover the truth? The truth is this is all a delusion created by Titania to show that Goliath is, in fact, on the right path. (Note: IMHO, this is a lame rip-off of a Batman episode entitled Perchance to Dream, in which Bruce Wayne wakes up to discover that his parents still live, he's engaged to Selina Kyle, and someone else is Batman.)

To Serve Mankind
Goliath is captured by the Illuminate and brainwashed into becoming their new assassin. Can Xanatos and the clan save Goliath before he eliminates his first target?

Seeing Isn't Believing
Proteus escapes from New Olympia, seeking vengeance on Goliath and Elisa. He disguises himself as Goliath, and goes on a crime spree. Can the real Goliath, Elisa, and Taurus stop Proteus?

Angels In The Night
John Castaway sets up an elaborate death trap to kill the gargoyles. But, Angela and Bronx survive, and are sent upstate for questioning. John Castaway seeks to destroy the train, thus killing Angela, Bronx, and all the people on it. But, it is soon discovered that Xanatos saved the gargoyles shortly before Castaway's deathtrap went off, and with the world thinking they are dead, Xanatos says that the gargoyles have a fresh start. Will the clan sacrifice their fresh start to save Angela and the train?

Bad Guys: A spin-off
If the planned spin-offs with Pendragon, The New Olympians, and Future Tense, weren't enough, the creators had another spin-off planned entitled Bad Guys. This series would focus on a group of villains from previous Gargoyles episodes who had reformed their ways and banded together as a super-hero group. The villains-turned-heroes were: Robin Canmore, one of the Hunters from Hunter's Moon, Fang, one of the mutates, Yama, the scheming gargoyle from Bushido, Dingo, formerly of the Pack, and Matrix, the hive-minded nanites from Walkabout. A pilot episode was made, and to the best of my knowledge, it's been screened for the public just once, and that was at the first-ever Gathering, the annual Gargoyles convention, back in 1996.

Whatever happened to the movie?
As you may remember, way back in the summer of 1996, Disney announced with much fanfare that they were planning a live-action movie version of Gargoyles. Disney also announced that they had gotten Dean Devlin, co-writer of Independence Day, Stargate, and Godzilla to write the screenplay. Devlin said his script would be a prequel to the series, focusing on a lone gargoyle awakened during New York's coldest winter. So, what happened? From what I've been able to gather, Devlin turned in his script, and it just plain sucked. It turned out to be a script playing on the fears of the approaching millennium (it was set in 1999; so much for a "prequel"), with that lone gargoyle befriending a young boy and the two having to stop the end of the world, which was being brought about by an evil business man. The guy who wrote Con Air was brought in to do a re-write. As far as I know, the script is now gathering dust in a Disney vault, and the project has been put on the back burner and forgotten.

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