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Re-enter Buffy's Domain of Delight *eg*

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Been here before? Well then go find out what's new! Season Three is up too! 

Living On The Hellmouth 

In every generation there is a chosen one she alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness, she is the slayer...yadda, yadda, yadda 
Its a nice intro but what does it mean? What is Sunnydale/Hellmouth and where does one apply to become "The Chosen One?" Find out here. 
Added Bonus:Listen to me rant about the BtVS movie. 

Who Are Those People? 

Ya, ya - everyone cheaply spins off Oz's line. I won't be the last person to do it so deal! (hehe assertion in cyber space) This is obviously where I keep all of the pics, rants, insights and just confusion inspired by the Scooby Gang and friends. 
PLUS: A naked pic of Oz, pics from Cordy's stint on Baywatch, over 50 pics of Spike and Dru and much, much more!!! 

Fun Stuff 

Learn how to stalk a slayer, learn BtVS future, post for fun, find out if you're addicted and maybe even earn an award 0:-) 
New: A different twist on BtVS and the zodiac. *eg* 
Getting Buffy Buddies. 


Ok - I am a poor college student. While I have no money, I am willing to share my dinner with any poor yet strangely god-like strangers who visit my dorm room. So if any WB people are reading his right now - please don't take away my dinner - its all I have and a sure fire way to get into heaven. 


Well if you must leave my site I can't make you stay - I mean I could but that would be illegal and painful so do me a favor - make sure you go somewhere cool. I used to maintain these links but they got tiresome and took up too much room - now you can visit and add your own URL to the on-going list 0:-) Fun! 

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Ah yes - the guestbook. This where I am supposed to beg you all to sign my book. But guess what? I won't! I'm going to threaten! *eg* Anyone who does not sign my guestbook will have something horribly terrible happen to them! It may happen today, it may not happen tomorrow but it will happen and it will be a direct result of ignoring my book!!! *maniacal laugh* 

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