Rumours, Lies, and Media Rape

Geffen Records has sued singer-actress Courtney Love and Eric Erlandson, the principal members of rock band Hole, claiming that they are not entitled to walk out on a 1992 recording agreement, under which Geffen says the band still owes five albums. Courtney Love
According to the complaint, filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Doll Head Inc., which owns the exclusive recording services of Love and Erlandson, repudiated the contract, claiming that California labor law limits personal services contracts to seven years.
Geffen contends that recording contracts are not personal services agreements, and that in any event, the agreement was extended by amendment in 1997. Geffen also contends that Love and Erlandson are obligated under an inducement letter that the two signed agreeing they would become obligated directly to Geffen if Doll Head failed to perform.
The complaint also seeks unspecified damages and an injunction barring the band from recording as Hole for anyone else.

Be a Man VideoOk, Hole has come out with thier new video-or should i say Courtney has come out with her new video. Not once does this video show any of the other band members, and i think that is so stupid considering they were the ones who wrote most of the song. Here is a picture from the video, and in case you have been lucky enough NOT to see it, it has Courtney walking around a football field naked and she's making out with a bunch of different football players. This is such a retarded video. When i heard this song i thought it was great, but this video just proves further how much hole sucks now and how great Courtney THINKS she is, when really, now she is just another COCK ROCK STAR just like Axl Rose who she makes fun of. What a hypocritical bitch.

Courtney is going to be on David Letterman December 13th to promote her new movie, Man on the Moon.

Hole has a new single, the first song recorded since Melissa left the band (and the bass line during the bridge for this song is really good may i add.) The song is called Be A Man. It reminds me of the older hole, the one we all remember and love a lot better than celebrity skin hole (it's my page and i can't help but smear my opinions all over it). It's harder, and *gasp* Courtney SCREAMS!! i LOVE that part! Anyway, here are the lyrics for the new song just to give you an idea how much it kicks ass for those who haven't heard it yet. Or you can go to Be A Man to hear the song.

the only boy I understand

the one ashamed to be man

just rape the world

just cause you CAN

thats what it takes

to be a man

yeah knock her up

just slap her hand

prove it to me just be a man

i think i can

i think i can

im big enough to be a man

Tell you the truth

i'm jealous yeah

do anything to be man

be a man

so impotent

be a man

take off you're dress

you're master plan

show what it takes to be a man

the fucking wars

the carnage yeah

prove it to me

yeah your a man

just rape us all just cause you can

give it to me

now your a man

aww cut it off i know you can

hand it to me baby

be a man

can't get it up?

i understand

under the gun to be a man

i think i can

i think i can

i'm big enough to be a man

oh fuck the world just cause you can

oh fuck us all

just be a man

be a man

so impotent

be a man

i'm potent yeah be a man

so impotent

i know i am

i know i am

got what it takes

to be a man

Hole has started auditions for a new bass player since Melissa auf der Maur quit the band last month. The following is an article taken from Allstar magazine about Melissa leaving the band.

Courtney Love got the word about two weeks ago, but a source close to Hole bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur just confirmed Tuesday (Sept. 21) that the bassist has officially quit the band to pursue a solo career and work on other projects.

"This is a time for herself, to pursue a solo career, work on her photography, and she really wants to play," says the source. While she has yet to take any meetings with record labels -- or even managers -- Auf Der Maur is free to sign to another label as she was never signed to Geffen as a member of Hole. "She was just a contract person in the band," says the source, who tells allstar that the Canadian beauty "has written some songs, and has some ideas, but is going to take her time, start working on some demos, and get her head together first."

As for the rumors that she's talking with the Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan about replacing the recently-departed bassist D'Arcy Wretzky (allstar, Sept. 9), the source says that nothing is official, but if she did choose to work with the band, she wouldn't be a member.

The offers are surely going to start rolling in, and there is already talk that she might work with her longtime friend Rufus Wainwright (they've been friends since junior high) on his next album, which he has recently begun work on. Again, nothing is set in stone at this point; and Auf Der Maur, who joined Hole in 1994, is apparantly in no rush to get a project out.

As for her photography work, the source says that some interest was sparked from the self portraits she took for Alternative Press a little while back, and she would like to continue to work on her photography.

A statement from Auf Der Maur is expected by week's end.

the hole camp's "response":

Melissa Auf Der Maur may have told confidants that she has left Hole, and even told Courtney Love a few weeks ago, but it's a different story at the band's label.

"Right now, as the band's spokesperson, anybody speaking on behalf of Melissa is erroneously doing so. Melissa has not left the group," Dennis Dennehy, Hole's publicist. Interscope/Geffen/A&M, told us just an hour after the story (see story, this page) broke.

However, industry speculation is now turning toward this: With Hole's light schedule for the next few months due to Love's film work, Auf Der Maur feasibly could do her solo work while remaining a member of Hole, so why officially quit? And, there's also talk that all that is needed here is for Auf Der Maur and Love to have a heart-to-heart. Whatever the case, this certainly won't be the end of the story.