Kitty Poems

The following Kitty Poems were written by me and my friend a few years ago. But keep in mind as you read these; the only thing i am guilty of is bad taste.

Porno Kitty

Come, Kitty Kitty, come, kitty kitty

I will pay you lots of money

If you will just participate in my Porno Flick

Come, Kitty Kitty, Come, Kitty Kitty

I will make you a really big star

She is a porno kitty

MY Porno Kitty

Come, Kitty Kitty, come, Kitty Kitty

I see you have lots of talent

Let me be your agent

All you have to do is sleep with me

And I will get you the role of a life time

Oh it's right here im ny very own porno flick She is a porno kitty

MY Porno Kitty

Are you a slut kitty

or a whore kitty

or a porn star kitty

Or are you just a little Horny Kitty

What are you?

Angel Kitty

The kitty, kitty had soft fur

The kitty, kitty liked to purr

The kitty, kitty was a him not a her

And the kitty, kitty ahd a terrible accident

He became Angel Kitty

The kitty, kitty tried

But the kitty, kitty died

Than the kitty, kitty flied

Because the dead angel kitty has wings

As the dead kitty, kitty rised

The angel kitty cried

"I shouldn't have died!"

'Cos now he's gonna fry

Because the kitty, kitty lied

When the kitty lied down on a cloud

He said "Ah Heaven,"

Than he went up in a puff of smoke

Now the kitty rests in hell

Complaining about all that heat

So the devil threw him in the freezer

Like a piece of meat

Freeze Kitty, Kitty freeze your wings off in hell

Stoner Kitty

Kitty doesn't think anymore

Nothing goes through that head anymore

Oh That kitty is a Stoner Kitty

The Kitty is a stoner Kitty

She doesn't care about anything

"Kitty come out and play" said all her kitty friends

But Kitty was always busy

Sniff it Kitty

Inject it Kitty

Swallow it Kitty

Smoke it Kitty

Go ahead because no one loves you anymore

Stoner Kitty, you have the power

To forget your life

Stoner Kitty, you have the power

wont you be my wife

My drug dealer wife

No one loves you anymore but me

Oh let me be your wife

Lesbo Kitty

Weird Kitty, Strange Kitty

You're not normal Kitty

What's wrong with you kitty

Where is your boyfriend Kitty?

Can I tease you Kitty

Because you're in love with a Girlie Kitty

You can't have her, Kitty

She is a Girl Kitty

And you're a Girl Kitty

And it is not right, Kitty

You are going to hell Kitty!

We don't want a wierd kitty

Walking amoung us

YOu make us look bad kitty

So we are going to send you an island


All because you are in love with a Girlie Kitty

Fucking Lesbo Kitty

Glitter Kitty

You See the Kitty walking down the street at night

She shines brighter than the street lights

She shines brighter than the moon above

She shines brighter than my light bright

She shines brighter than the stars above

Glitter Kitty you are so strong

You throw your ecstasy at me

You leave me dazzled, you leave me beautiful

Glitter Kitty, you glitter gold

You shower me with gold

I could faint at the sight of you

I could die at the sight of you

Whenever your around its like we're the only ones alive

We fly around in your sparkle jet

We are the life on mars

We could build a civilization of glitter kitties

We will live forever

On your ecstasy, on your beauty

Abusive Kitty

The Kitty hates you

Says you can't do anything right

He says your hopeless

Says your useless

The words fell like a slap in the face

Just like the one he gave you last night

He said you deserved it

Said you deserved worse

Said he did it because he loves you

Because he cares for you so much

He says he'll never do it again

You know better

Yet you always find yourself going back for more

Killer Kitty

She roams around at night

Looking for another victim

She grips the knife in her pocket

The first person that gets in her way

Well, they'll be on the news the next day

Kitty wants to be like Charlie Manson

Kitty wants to be al over the news

Kitty wants to be famous

Kitty wants to be feared by you

She feels hatred towards the world

She says that no one understands her

She says she just wants to be loved

She's not afraid of dark allies

She is the reason why you lock your doors

You better stay inside tonight

Because Killer Kitty gets what she wants

And she wants you dead

Kitty wants to be like Charlie Manson

Kitty wants to write with your blood

Kitty loves you

You're gonna make her famous tonight

She'll be known as Killer Kitty

Disintegrator Kitty

Once upon a time my kitty got run over by a car

I buried her in my back yard

Now as i sleep in my comfy bed

I think of my poor little kitty

Disintegrating in an old shoe box

Once day my little brother decided to dig her up

As he opened the shoe box lid

Disintegrator kitty opened up her eyes

Now she has a healthy green glow

As i sleep at night

Disintegrator Kitty floats above me

Whispering so i can barely hear her

"I bring you peace"

"I bring you love"

Disintegrator Kitty takes me away

To Pretty Kitty Land

There is no such thing as sins

Disintegrator Kitty buried all my sins

In an old shoe box in my back yard