Reasons To Be Beautiful

"Ten Good Reasons To Stay Alive, Ten Good Reasons That I Can't Find..."

Hole is one of those bands that people either love or hate. Some people seem to think Hole is the best band to have ever recorded music, or that Courtney Love is a Goddess and has saved thier life. And some other people think Hole suck and wish they never polluted the earth with their music, or that Courtney Love is nothing more than a gold digging, munipulating, bitch who killed her husband. They wonder how anyone can like Courtney or Hole. Well here are some reasons. Feel free to send me some of your own reasons to love (or hate) Hole or Courtney, or any other member of the band.

Courtney-why i "prefer" (for lack of a better term) the 'old' courtney as opposed to the 'new' courtney. Did you ever read that interview where Courtney compared Celebrity Skin's record sales in Alanis Morsette's new record? i think that the 'old' Courtney didn't care about record sales (or if she did she didn't show it). It just proves how much she wants to fit in, or be accepted, in my opinion. And that's another thing-fitting in. Courtney fits in now; the 'old' courtney didn't give a shit about that, obviously. It seems like she's become everything she was against in the past. She's the ultimate hypocrite. And, i'll admit it, i don't think she has passion for her music anymore. There-I said it. I'm glad i got that out now. I mean, Celebrity Skin is a good album, but you have to look at Hole as if they're a completely different band. They should have changed thier name! ANd as much as i hate to admit it, I think the critics were right. Celebrity Skin is a commercial radio-friendly record! I have to say, though, that last year around the Christmas Holidays, Celebrity Skin was the only record I listned to for a while. It took me a while to see Celebrity SKin for what it was, but I'm glad i did. I think i liked it at first because i admired Courtney so much that i didn't want to accept that Courtney and Hole had changed not for the better, but for the worse. Another reason I think she is a hypocrite is because there's this picture of her with the anarchy symbol on her hand, and then she goes on David Letterman and says she's a "registered democrate." HELLO! She also used to be anti-mainstream fashion, and NOW look at her! She's a walking designer outfit! And i also think she abuses her power. You know how there's all those things in recent interviews about her inviting fans onstage, and then telling them to "shut the fuck up" if they want to stay up there? Well if that's not abusing your position, i don't know what is. Amanda

I haven't been a fan of Hole forever, but when I first listened to them...well, truth be told the first time I listened to Live Through This I didn't exactly fall in love with it, but it grew on me--quickly. And soon it was one of my favorite albums. As for Celebrity's a good album, and I do listen to it, but it never was or will be extremely special to me. I think maybe because it lacks the raw emotion that Hole's earlier albums had. As for Courtney I love her and I hate her...I think she had this really hard, shitty life and she is really a survivor and an inspiration, but she is, for lack of any better term, a bitch. She wants the attention so badly that it is hard to know sometimes whether the sentiments in her songs and her actions are real or if she's just trying to get a rise out of people. I'm pissed off at her for becoming so mainstream and trendy. It bugs me because the kind of vibe Courtney always gave me was "I don't give a fuck if you like me or not, I don't have to be your perception of pretty. You can be a freak and an outcast and still get to the top, look at me; I did it..." and then she turns around and gets breast implants and nose jobs and God knows what else (and just for the record I thought she was beautiful without anything, she was always beautiful), and I kind of feel like she doesn't have the same emotion about her music as she did. So I sort of feel like, "You know all that stuff that I said, about you being able to be beautiful and your self and still make it in the world, and about how being normal sucks and being an outcast and separate is always better? It was a lie. All of it." It's like your AA counselor bringing in a six pack and saying bottoms up, it doesn't matter anyway. And in some fucked and ironically sad way it kind of reminds me of Kurt Cobain's suicide. To his fans Kurt was a source of comfort and hope, that they weren't completely and utterly alone in this world, and when he killed himself it was as if he was admitting defeat, Yeah, it is this fucked up, and I'm giving up hope. And it's kind of the same for Courtney, just less extreme. If this made any sense to any of you then you have my congratulations. But, maybe I've got it all wrong, I have no idea, maybe she's a completely different person then what I've made her out to be...but I'll never know. The only thing I can say for sure about Courtney Love and about Hole is that I'm glad that I heard them and what they had to say, they definitely had an influence on me. And I will never regret loving their music, no matter what Courtney does next. Susan

"the reason hole is my favorite band cause courtney isn't afraid to be a bitch and isn't like all the other girlbands out there like the bangles,or belinda carlise who giggle and act stupid. the first time i ever listened to her it was like being stabbed in the heart and i was like "courtney you bitch why the fuck are you so honest?" then i realized she didnt wannabe like these girlygirl bands out there who were afraid of pissing off the editors at rollingstone. she is everything a woman is the virgin,the whore,angel,babydoll,starlet etc." kittycat

"I've been a Hole fan since I was 11, listening to my neighbors blare "Rock Star" and "Doll Parts" through the thin walls. I think Courtney Love is the way "girl power" should be displayed. Strong, mature, and independent. I, myself, think she is a good role model for the youth of America." Amber Featherston

"Hole is my favorite band. I hadn't discovered Hole until they played on The MTV Awards,(you know, when "Celebrity Skin" first came out) But once I saw Courtney Love up there on stage I was just amazed. Ever since that, I have bought every Hole c.d. that I can get my little dirty hands on, I have watched every video that they have over and over, I have been to as many websites and I can find on Hole or Clove, and I have read everything that I can find on them. I don't know why it took me so long to find Hole. I mean sure I knew who Courtney Love was and everything about her, but I never tried to even listen to Hole. Before them, I had never really liked any other band. I never could say: "This is my favorite band", but now I can. All of my friends think that I am so dumb. They say: "Why Hole?"--- "Courtney Love is so dumb and she can't sing and yada yada yada." And I have TRIED over and over to explain to them why Hole is so much better than all of those 'radio-friendly bands' that they listed to, but I guess that they'll never understand. I think that Hole is my favorite band just because their "HOLE" Christina

"hoLe is my favorite band because i've walked through hell the past few years and came out fine, because courtney's gone through worse and look at her. she's a great persona!" Princess Ophelia

"Courtney has a powerfull vioce that i love to hear. her lyrics are thought up so well that there is a song for every mood. i love to sing along. Hole makes me feel powerful." Helen Ann Schmidt

"hole is one of my all time favourite bands, but i liked courtney better as a heroine addict. her lyrics were real and they made you want to die. they made you scream and cry like real music should and she hadn't sold out yet. how'd she go from teenage whore to plastic celebrity skin? courtney sold out when she got off heroine. being sober doesn't mean turning plastic. she's just like everybody else now." Katherine Malek

"everyone in the band has faced there own trials in life and have lived to tell the story. Also, they all compliment each other so well without fighting for the spotlight. Lastly, Courtney Love is admireable because for all the shit she's been though she found the power to move on." Jasmine Turner

"I have a shrine to courtney in my bedroom. i like every song by them and every album. courtney is my all time role model cause she knows what she wants and she does it. i really envy her for that. their music is perfect." Jesy Cunningham

"I'd have to say Hole is my favorite band. I used to hate them, and for the stupidest reason, cause society looked at Courtney as a whore. But I see now she is her own fun free person, and that is just what I want to be. So I think society should look at whats really wrong, killing, violence and shit like the, and leave a simple person alone. Courtney is someone who should be looked up to for all she has had to deal with, not looked down upon becuase of what she DID." Mandi BJ

"Courtney love is a strong woman. in a world were girls are supposed to be ditzy and all that shit it is sooooo nice to see someone strong. And everything she has been through she puts part of into her music, and writes great songs and beautiful lyrics, and you can't help but adore her. melissa is also very talented and smart, and a kick ass bass player. And Eric, he's a good guy, strong and smart and (you know i was gonna say it) a kick ass guitar player. Hole's music is different from all the rest people say "what is hole doing that nirvana didn't do 10 years ago?" and i say "Alot." While everyone else is writting about Maria or their lover leaving them becuase they cheated on them and they deserved it. Anyways Hole is writting about real issues and other stuff, though they do have their love songs. But even their love songs are different and full of meaning. hole is a kick ass group and I don't care what anyone else thinks. I'd like to see some of you critics get up on stage and preform a song you wrote by yourself in front of hundreds of people(as if all the critics had theguts)." Sandi

"I like Hole becuz their lyrics actually have meaning. Unlike the generic lyrics of pop and the crude lyrics of rap, Courtney writes from her soul, her spirit. Some people listen to the songs on "Celebrity Skin" and think they sound too pop-y, that they've "sold out", whatever the fuck that means. But if you listen to the lyrics, they may not be as angry, but they have much more meaning than on the previous albums. I especially like the lyrics on "Boys On The Radio": "In your endless summer night/I'll be on the other side/When you're beautiful and dying/All the world that you've denied....If I let you in under my skin/And risen every angel slain" and at the end of "Reasons To Be Beautiful": "Hey/You were right/Named a star for your eyes/Did you freeze/Did you weep/Turn to gold/Baby sleep....And I weep/At your feet/And it rains and rains." It's almost like poetry.

As for why I like Courtney, I think she's the only celebrity out there anymore who's really honest. People think she's mean when she states her opinion about something she doesn't particularly care for (i.e. "N Sync can kiss my willywort ass!"), but would you rather she lie and say she likes something that she doesn't just so that she doesn't rock the boat, like everyone else? I think that in the politically correct time that we live in, we could definitely use a dose of reality and honesty from SOMEONE, especially a celebrity." Amanda Mannen

"hole...they kick ass, what more can i say?" Lil


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