My Introduction to Courtney Love

When i was in grade five, i was introduced to the rock star Courtney Love via television, media, and her music. I have matured since than (i am however, still only sixteen) so i am ready to admit that i did idolize her in a way for about three years. I believe in a small way that idolizing people now is kind of silly, espeacilly when it comes to idolizing famous people. But i do not look back now and regret idolizing this rock star, because in idolizing Courtney Love; i have been inspired, i have learned some things, and i believe i have become a better person for it. (however silly that may sound.)

The real reason i am doing these pages on Courtney Love is to provide anyone who reads it an explaination. An explaination as to why this person whom i have never met in real life is so important to who i am. An explaination as to why hundreds and hundreds of young girls idolize this rock star so much. Who better to explain this than someone who has idolized Courtney Love herself? i want to put this into words so that i, myself, can better understand it.

There are so many kids out in the world searching for role-models. But they don't look to their parents, older siblings, or their teachers. They look to the media. They watch television screens every night and what they find are skinny, beautiful people smiling back at them. How healthy is this for 12 year old girls?

Alas, Courtney Love barged her way onto those television screens, and was impossible to ignore. She seemed to show 12 year old girls (including myself) a little bit of honesty. A little bit of strength. And a little bit of determination.

Here i will present her life so far. I will explain why she is idolized, and why she is a healthy influence despite the fact she has been a junkie, stripper, criminal, gold digger-the list goes on.

I should also note here that i no longer worship or idolize Courtney Love. That is the reaon i can now intelligently explore who she really is, and what she means to little girls, and to society. I do however respect her as a musician and more recently, an actress. And i am sure grateful that she barged onto my television screen when she did.

I would like to thank Miss Eva from Dont Blush When I Rip You Open for letting me use pictures from her page for this. You can visit her page by going to my links section.
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Courtney Story that Lisa Rizzo wrote for this page


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