The Real Candy Darling

"I have always believed that socially unacceptable men make much better lovers because they are more sensitive."Candy Darling

The above quote is from Candy Darling's diary (which is sold in book stores). For those of you who don't know, Candy Darling (her real name is Jimmy) was a dragqueen who was associated with Andy Warhol. I believe she was even in a few of his movies.

"So we're all wondering, how often do you get your peroid, Candy?"

"Every day, i am that much of a woman."

Candy Darling is also portrayed in the movie "I Shot Andy Warhol" (very good movie, i recommend you go out and see it, espeacilly if you are into feminism). Candy Darling took many illegal hormornes during her struggle to become a woman, and she died of cancer in the late 80's.

She was also friends with Valarie Solanis, an extream feminist from the 60's, (who later shot Andy Warhol, and the movie "i shot andy warhol" is all about Valarie Solanis'). Valarie was a "revolutionist" of the SCUM manifesto. (Society for Cutting Up Men). She was also commited into an asylum for her radical ideas (and for shooting andy warhol), i personally believe she quiet brilliant.

Hopefully soon i will be getting Candy Darling's diary, and i can put more quotes up here and have better insight into her life.