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#OurCurrentLifeWithCovid/War in Europe as of 11 July 2022 Monday ~ 8 AM Adelaide, South Australia


Being senile is difficult

Being senile is difficult

Forgetfulness lands me in trouble
50 years ago
I had five different lover’s names switched around
I loved them all
Got into trouble then
Maybe I have always been confused
Today while looking at my reflection
I said ‘hello James’
not my name
(at least not this lifetime)
Just my brain playing tricks
on me once again

04 May 2020 Vista, South Australia

Photo: Kunsthal (art museum) Rotterdam, The Netherlands March 2019






Being senile is difficult

What I love about being senile elderly spaced
is living so much in the moment
I forget everything from two-minutes ago
and beyond
Like our politicians
Forgotten mistakes of the past
Doing it all again
Rushing us
into this moment’s destruction


16 April 2020 Vista, South Australia

Photo: Washington DC   



Being senile is difficult

What I like about being senile
is not knowing why I am standing naked
at the train station
with people throwing flowers at me
and whistling old Dylan songs

Photos: Berlin
18/09/18 Berlin



Thoughts in Patterns Bk 10 P 64

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