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Why! Answers & Truth Are Available!

Whenever crime, tragedies, crises, or natural disasters strike, invariably the first expression, whatever the event, is "Why?" Finding those willing to provide answers is rare though there are hundreds of overlooked answers readily available. Do you want to know the Truth or do you want your ears tickled?

You may feel "Everything is NOT okay! It's real and it hurts!" Before you embark on any effort to understand, it's beneficial to consider some unchanging basics.

1. God is still God over all.

2. God has still never lied to anyone.

3. God is still loving and only Good.

4. Jesus is still alive and still the same.

5. God can still take away the pain at the proper time.

6. God WILL be pleased with His work.

7. God WILL fulfill every single word He has spoken.

8. As long as it is still "today" on earth, there is hope.

9. The truth is always true.

Your experiences, sins, anger, hate, bitterness, despair, unbelief, or protests cannot change these things. Have you been anchored to the Solid Rock or have you been lied to?

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Not Interested?

Of course youíre not! God knows that you are UNABLE to be interested on your own. (I Corinthians 2:14, John 6:44, John 14:6). Itís the normal beginning, but is that where you want to remain?

Consider: if a man can develop the computer communications we have, and if God can create that communicating man out of nothing more than dirt, water, air, and light, then cannot that God communicate with that man? Of course He can and He has.

Can you acquire information from the Internet without hardware, software, and a connection? Of course not; the same principle applies to acquiring the heart and mind of God.

Can you put the entire "life" of the Internet on a single web page, in a book, or even in one whole library? Is not the heart and mind of God greater than the Internet? To use an illustration:

Jesus is the Hardware and provides the Connection.

The Bible is the Software.

The Holy Spirit is the Operating System that accesses the Heart and Mind of God.

The Heart and Mind of God culminates not in mere answers, but in Life!

Miss any element and the results are not merely unsatisfactory, but deadly. "Sign on" and Jesus says: "Thereís no way Iíll disconnect you!" (John 6:37).

Feed Me!

Without "signing on", you have no access; your inner spirit is dead. But once your spirit is alive, you must feed it! The New Testament declares Jesus and His words are the spiritual food you need. Read it over and over seeking God in your heart. Donít you feed your body regularly?

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Free Vacation!

Should you win an all-expense-paid trip to an exotic land or be notified of a vast, unexpected inheritance, Iíd venture youíd become a lean, mean reading machine to ensure you donít miss out. Well, through the Cross of Christ, youíve been offered an exotic trip and the inheritance of the King! Claim it!

Best Books!

The New Testament

"My Utmost for His Highest", Oswald Chambers

"You Set My Spirit Free", John of the Cross/David Hazard, Editor

Any book by Max Lucado

Any book by Charles F. Stanley

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