Muslim Educators Page of Links

This is a growing list insha'Allah. If you have any suggestions then please e-mail us at JazakAllah


Virtual Islamic School This site has a wide variety of Arabic resources for children. It contains games, puzzles and activities. Be forewarned it does have an article stating the necessity of sending our children to Islamic schools.

Free Online Arabic Lessons

Study Arabic This site has a comprehensive list of resources for studying Arabic

Free Arabic lessons c/o Penn State

"The New Way" An Arabic language reader for elementary school second grade. Printed in Sidon in 1938.

Arabic Alphabet

Dale Frake’s Arabic Language Page!

Islamic Art

Please note: I have tried to include sites that do not depict people or animals. If you find that I have missed anything then please contact me in sha'Allah. Any errors are from myself and shaitan and may Allah forgive me, ameen.

Islamic Art

Islamic Art c/o Islamic Association of Raleigh

Intro to Islamic Art

Mosques Around the World

The Art of Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic Calligraphy


Islamic Timeline

Islamic Halaqua Online This site is excellent mashallah. There is a wealth of articles for both adults and children.

Islamic Ottoman History by Umm Sulaimaan

Egyptian History The Early Islamic Period (640-969 This is a brief summary

Who Is Who In Islamic History by: Tariq A.Y. El-Sayed

Early Islamic Influence in Louisiana

Historical events in Islamic History These are chronological highlights of early Islamic dynasties and ruling parties


The Abacus:The Art of Calculating With Beads

Ask Dr.Math

Big Sky Telegraph MathLessons Plans

A Brief History of Algebra

Extraordinary Pi

Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section


Gallery of Interactive Geometry

Geometry of the Sphere

Great Sites for Math Teachers K-12

Helping Your Child Learn Math an on-line book

On-line Unit Sudy on Speed and Acceleration

Creative Math Lessons Grades 8-12

The Math Forum


Pi Through the Ages

Polyhedra Tutorials

Tesellation Tutorials

Symmetry and Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets

General Science

Explore Science: Interactive Science Education

Famous Mistakes Page

Fun Science Gallery - How to Build Scientific Instruments and use them.

The MAD Scientist Network

Science Fair Project Resource Guide

Science Learning Network

UT Science Bytes

Whelmers - Teacher recommended science activities for kids of all ages

The Why Files


Astronomy for Kids

Bradford Robotic Telescope

Imagine the Universe

NASA Jet Propolsion Labratory

National Aeronatics and Space Administration (NASA)

National Air and Space Museum

NEMS Meteorites and Planetary Science

SKY Online

Space Telescope Science Institute

Learning Ceter for Young Astronomers

Stars and Constellations

Views of the Solar System

A Virtual Tour of the Sun

Windows to the Universe


Amateur Microscopy on the Web

Microscopy Primer

Light Microscopy Page

Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy

Nanoworld Home Page


A Page for Teachers

Internet Biology Resources

OAC Biology Help Page

Botany On-Line

Kids Botany Page

Green and Growing Lesson Plan

Flowering Plant Gateway

Biology Activities and Lesson Plans

Garden and plant educational activities for kids of all ages

OAC Biology Help Page

Seeds of Change

A Survey of the Plant Kingdom

The Time-Life Complete Gardener's Encyclopedia

Virtual Plant Cell




The Butterfly Website

Children's Butterfly Site

The Insect's Home Page

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

Environmental Science

Kid's Action Rainforest Network

Marlborough's Biomes Page

National Wildlife Federation

Renewable Energy Project


Beginner's Guide to Molecular Biology

Cytogenetics Image Gallery

The Human Body

Guided Tour: Visible Human Project

Inner Body

Neuroscience for Kids

Marine Biology/Oceanography

The Conchologist's Information Network

Coral Forest

Life in the Ocean

Monterey Bay Aquarium On-Line

Ocean Planet Home Page

Oceanography Links

VIMS Marine Education

Whale Watching Web


Wonders of the Seas

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Bugs in the News!

Cells Alive

Yale Center for Cell Imaging



The Nutty Hatch


Amazing Animal Facts

Animal Omnibus

The Electronic Zoo

Searching the Animal Diversity Web

Animal Classification


The Catalyst


Chemicool Periodic Table

Chemistry Tutor


Virtual Chemistry Book

Lawrence Hall of Science


pH Factor


Earthquake Information

Smithsonian Gem and Mineral Collection

U.S. Geological Survey

Virtual Cave

About Rainbows

Dan's Wild Weather Page

Kid's Lightning Information and Safety

Weather Here and There Gr. 4-6

The Weather Unit Gr. 2-4


Dinosaur Hall of the National Museum of Natural History


Dinosaur Society


Ask the Physics Guy

Contemporary Physics Education Project


How Things Work

Interactive Physics Problems

Internet Plasma Physics Education Experience

Learn Physics Today!

Playground Physics Gr. 4-7

Unit Conversion

Earth Viewer

Finding Your Way with Map and Compass

Geography Lesson Plans

Map Viewer

National Geographical Society