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On the fringes of the vast Star Knight Empire exist worlds of black market commerce, technological ignorance, and religious imagination. It is there that the Protectors have come to be.

The Protectors are:


Abducted from Earth by the Star Knight Expeditionary Force, the White One was the only survivor of an attack by the insane Takkhardian. Reborn on Salik as their Champion and later the confidant of the Star Knight Supreme, the White One is almost impervious to attack!


Lifted from his homeworld by a desperate colony ship, the Andy was fused with his car by the power of an alien ankh to survive Star Knight-wreaked devastation. Nursed back to purpose by the Kaljean, Shining One strives to improve the lot of the tree people with his computer empathy and shape-warping abilities as the Empire inexorably expands!


Saved from certain death during a Star Knight attack on a rebel base, Dan plummeted to the surface of Salik transformed into the Mighty One, strongest human alive! With the assistance of the spiders of Kador and armed with weapons only he can handle, the Mighty One is prepared to enforce justice across the galaxy!


Welcomed into the Star Knight Empire on first leaving Earth, Chi gradually found that he could move at incredible velocity, which was going to be useful if he was going to take charge in the Empire!


Stumbling through a landing gate linked to an ancient colony ship, Paul was imbued with mysterious energy powers which he can use to help prevent the death of Velkta, a planet of serpent-people whose sun is burned out!


Appearing mysteriously on a barren world after a strange carnival experience, Steve is working to nurture the native plant life back to health!

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