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This is Captain Fadeaway, contacting you from another Omnisphere, where I've been ever since the Watcher pulled me through. It's not that it's bad here, it's just that things were just getting settled with Roid3, our Sector One business venture, and it was looking like I could relax and not worry about the colonists of New Terra, when...ZAP! Well, you can't expect it to be convenient when you're a Space Seeker.

And that's what I'm creating these files to tell you about: just what to expect as a Space Seeker, now that you've been Recruited.

In these files we are collecting an assortment of informative articles on the function, training, and history of the Space Seekers, to aid the new folks now that we are all gone.

As these files grow, I will add more and more background info. Right now I'm working on putting up HTML conversions of the Protectors story. I've also put in a little bit from Harold about the origins of Protectors, and the beginnings of a Protectors Page.

For your convenience, we are compiling a Space Seeker glossary to assist in familiarizing you with the important terms. From this point on, most Space Seeker terms will be linked to their definition(s) in the Glossary.


To pigeon-hole it, Space Seekers is a "diceless space opera RPG". Jim Sullivan and Dan Spears slowly created Space Seekers from 1980 onward, and it has been played and developed ever since then. Over the years, others have been recruited into The Game (as it is called), and more and more, Dan has been the one running The Game (the Main Computer, as it were). In playing Space Seekers, Dan has developed hundreds of pages of unique artwork to illustrate the characters, races, weapons and craft of Space Seekers. As space allows, we will display some of that artwork here.

Now when we say that Space Seekers is a diceless role-playing game, you may be reminded of such recent diceless games as Amber or Theatrix. Not so. Space Seekers has an internal logic, an ethos of dramatic resolution, and no system aside from that. No ridiculous bidding on powers, or weird descriptive terms for the quality or quantity of an ability. There are plenty of new terms to learn, but that's setting material, not game mechanics. Every one who plays in Space Seekers (with a couple of notable and somewhat experimental exceptions) is recruited as him- or herself, pulled out of their mundane lives on Earth and thrust into a universe of intrigue and conflict, slowly developing skills and gathering equipment and information. But you always play yourself, imagining yourself thrust into these situations, changed in these ways. It's that simple.


Space Seekers have not only traveled the length of this Omnisphere, but variations and incarnations of the Seekers have appeared in multiple Omnispheres, as well as throughout different time periods. Here are a few of the different settings of "The Game", in roughly chronological order:

Active Space Seekers

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