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La Bomba & WebFather
Ricky Martin. We have put a few more picture in the Photo Gallery. If you have any information on Ricky Martin that you would like put on this web site email us.

Ricky Martin Update

La Vida Loca

Are you into superstition?
Are you into Black cats and Voodoo dools?
Do you feel a Premonition?
Then Ricky is gonna make you fall.

Ricky's new single Livin' La Vida Loca will make you loca or loco.
This new sound from Ricky will make you order French Champagne,
And once you've had a taste of it,
You'll never be the same.

So Check out his new single at your local CD store and live LA VIDA LOCA

* * * *

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Hooray! Last Night, 19th of November, WebFather and La Bomba(A.K.A. Crazy) went to the Ricky Martin concert in Melbourne. We had heaps of fun. First of all we had a performance by Cherry, an Australia group. Then at 8:40, The actually concert, with singing from Ricky Martin, started and went for about 1 hour and 40 minutes. He sang songs such as La Bomba, Marcia Baila, Vuelve and La Cupa De La Vida, and many more. If you didn't get to go, you have missed out on a great show. - 20/11/98

Placing La Bomba in your CD player, maybe the best thing your CD player has ever seen. The rhythmic Latin sounds of Ricky send a shock through your body. You will be on your feet and dancing the night away. La Bomba (The Bomb) is about an alcoholic drink that will explode all over the world on the charts. So run off to your local CD store and grab your copy before the bomb explodes. In a rating out of 5 Crazy and WebFather give La Bomba:

* * * * *

On the 9th of January our counted got up to 10,000. I would like to thank all of you who come to our site, those of who that have sent in infomation and pictures, all the people who have put links on their own web pages that point to this one, and everybody who has supported us from the start.

Well, there are now quite a number of books available that are about Ricky Martin. If you can, you should go out and get them all. However, if you would prefer to just get one or two for the time-being, I would recommend one book in particular, "Ricky Martin": The Biography by Elina Furman. The book traces Ricky's life from his childhood to Menudo and to today.

Ricky Martin General Information

Ricky Martin's real name is Enrique Martin Morales and he was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico on December 24, 1971. Two things he always has when traveling are: books and music. His favorite food is rice and beans. His favorite movie is 'In The Name Of The Father' and his favorite author is Benedetti.
He first appear as part of the group Menudo, in the 80'. He performed in General Hospital from 1994 to 1996, as Miguel Morez. He has performed in the Broadway show "Les Miserables" and has participated in publicity campaigns for Pepsi & Kellogg's. In his free time he writes poems in a diary.

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