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2000 Elliott is asb vice pres. Won on a campaign of saying I won't change anything. He only had a video, no posters.

2006 Elliott got a BS in forestry from Humboldt State Univ. and is working in the Red Wood forest as a forester.

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Christmas Eve '99 The kids wearing their Lettermans Jackets. (it took tell Christmas Eve to get them to stand next to each other.)

In 2006 little Henry graduated from Cal State San Berdo with a BA in History. He joined the Coast Guard and is now stationed in Kodiak, AK as an Airman.

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Joyce Brooks 8th grade pic. Joyce is an Admin. Assit. II for the Water District.

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Staff Sarge. Henry Brooks awarded the Distinguished Service Cross at Dibble Army Hospital, Minlow Park CA. 157 DSC's, 1854 Bronze Star Medals, 11,500 Purple Hearts were awarded in the 32nd Division. Henry awarded Combat Infantry Badge, Distinguished Service Cross, Bronze Star Medal w/ 1 Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart w/ 1 Oak Leaf Cluster, Philippine Liberation Medal w/ one bronze star, Asiatic Pacific Theater Medal w/ 1 bronze star, Good Conduct Medal, American Theater Ribbon, World War II Victory Medal, Expert Rifle, rifle squad leader 127th Inf. Reg., Luzon Philippines, Villa Verde Trail or "goat path in the clouds", 70% combat disablied

"Th' hell this ain't th' most important hole in th' world. I'm in it." What the great war correspondent Ernie Pyle said about Bill Mauldin: "Sergeant Bill Mauldin seemed to us over there to be the finest cartoonist the war had produced. And that's not merely because his cartoons are funny, but because they are also terribly grim and real. Mauldin's cartoons aren't about training-camp life, which is most familiar to people at home. They are about the men in the line--the tiny percentage of our vast Army who are actually doing the dying. His cartoons are about the war."

Spent the afternoon at Dana Point. Elliott is trying to surf, Joyce and her friends are walking the beach. Henry and Sue are trying to start a bar-b-que. Joyce captured this picture on her disposible camera Nov, 1998. Dana Point is one of the harbours we sailed out of. The Hobie Cat was invented just about a mile from this spot. at Pouchie Beach. Hobie Alter and Wayne Shafer still live down there. Woody lived there for a year. We use to build custom homes in San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano. We can actually see one of the homes from this spot at Dana Point state beach.

Sue and Henry at Vanessa's wedding. Del Mar race track club house. It was a beautiful wedding, Vanessa grad. from the US Navel Academy, and did her 5 yr obligation as an engineer in San Diego.

Bobbie, Nita, June & Henry 1996 Christmas dinner. there great grand father lived tell 105 years.

1998 year was great, team made it to the finals and then lost to Bloomington High, Henry didn't go out for Golf, got a job at Pizza Parlor. Elliott on JV golf team. Henry has a BA in History from CSUSB and is now in the US Coast Guard. He spent a year in Alaska on a Buoy Tender and then transfered to Kodiak, AK for airman training. He is now an AET 3 and works and flys on HH 65. He is Stationed in Mobile, AL. He is taking courses at Univ of South Alabama to get another degree in Math. Henry's web page

Hobie Cat sail boat racing at Big Bear Lake. A fleet. Henry skipper and Sue crew. We started racing together in 1975, went to the '76 Hobie Worlds, Honolulu HI. Henry would always win the oldest skipper award. Still have Hobies (3) in yard but no time for sailing. Maybe next season.

Elliott stearing Hobie, age 15 months. For a couple of years we raced Hobie Turbo 14's, This is the grey one. It was fast.

Elliott age 16, 10th grade, Bari sax in TCHS band. Elliott 1st went out for football but broke his arm and found out the best time is really 1/2 time during football season. Elliott spent 17 days in Pearl Harbour HI and played with the Navy Pacific Fleet band, he went there as part of US navel sea cadets.1999 he will be the Drum Major. He also gets "paid" as a Boy Scout camp councelor, Teaches Canoeing and rowing. Both boys are Eagle Scouts with 52 and 54 Merit badges. Elliott is the "Order of the Arrow" Chapter chief too. Joyce is on the flag team 9th grade, age 15. Gets a lettermans jacket for this sport. Her older brother Henry says it is not a sport. Joyce was knocked unconcious this year from being hit with a flag and one girl got a broken nose. What do you think?

Plastering Mustang Ct. house, did the scratch out ourselves but got an x-plasteror to help with brown coat. Woody warned his Dad, Said "Why do you think those plasterors look so tired at the building material yard."

Henry compacting soil before slab. House we live in now.

Perry, is in middle of pic, he is the strongest kid Henry ever knew. could push 2 sheets of 3/4" ply up to the second story floor, when the pile got 16" high he would go to one sheet. He could pull nails out with out beating on the hammer, just get the claw under head and pull. Henry on right of picture, pushing beam into position.

Near "Devils Post Pile", labor day 1981. Big Henry and Little Henry.

Henry senior football pic with Mom.

1975 at Hunington Lake, CA. Picture taken by Jim Foster, we were trying to win the picture contest. The price was a Hobie 16. Didn't win but Sue became the Sept 1976 calender pic.

May 1, 1999, Joyce with her Dad San Francisco, Alctrase in back ground

May 1, 1999, We took the cable car ride, to the top of Nob Hill and than down to the end , which I think they called the finanical distric. The line was so long to ride back that we decided to walk back to Fishermans Warf, I got winded but my husband just truck himself right up that steep hill. He didn't even get winded. He excerices twice a day, When it is warm he swam laps for a 1/2 hour every morning in our pool.

May 1, 1999,Henry and Joyce at the 32nd Great Western Red Arrow Division Club reunion. Talking to Mrs. Warren Engstrom

May 2, 1999 We took a trip to San Mateo CA to the 32nd division reunion. We went to San Francisco, and saw the Winchester House in San Jose. He pointed over to the air base and showed Joyce the Wind tunnels he worked on. On the way home on hwy 5 Henry fell asleep or had a stroke, but anyway this is the van, My best friend said if she ever finds out I put this picture on the internet shed kill me. But come on people isn't it susposed to be here. The whole web site is about him and how he managed to survive, that is what he called it. Henry had a life that the other guys didn't get, and now it is done. Henry beleived in reincarnation, he could remember his past lives, He said he over came fear, a fear that was so bad that he wanted to die, but sence that was what he was afraid of "dieing" he decided to stop being scared. At the reunion, He found out Smiley was the 1st veteran to be buried at the Riverside National Cementary, Where Henry will be burried.. And he found out there is a bronze statue of Smiley in front of the Riverside City Hall. Just 30 miles from our Home.

Some day I'll tell you about his "Anntie Mame" type of life, He was a Morman 47-54, a Scientolgist in the 50's, He knew the Mahareshi Maryesh Yogi 1957 (the beatles yogi), Metaphysics, Science of Mind, Ampernistics, and Abilitision. His last religon was, Self Realization Fellowship, He was probablely in a dozen different religions. This reunion gave him closure. The only reason he started in on this quest, for God was he had such a hard time breathing in 1954, a man John Young came down the beach, (Henry lived for 28 years on the ocean front Newport Beach) He started talking to Henry and then he ran this process on Henry, Henry relived G company and after walking by them in his mind over and over, he stopped having this breathing problem. John Young then disapeared out of Henrys life. He thought he might have been John the Baptist.

At the reunion Henry met a man from G company he told Henry that there were 26 men in the Company and 14 died. I think the smoke signal was the wrong color or somthing.

If you would ask any of Henry's children, Karen age 57 to Joyce age 15 who was Smiley, They would know. Henry talked about this man every day of his life, yet he only new him from Feb 3, 1945 to March 20 1945.

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