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Welcome to "When we touch"

This story is rated R due to some sexual content and some foul language. It is not reccomended for people under the age of twelve. Don't say I didn't warn you.

"When we touch" Was written by Lindsay, with some help from guest author Taiya. Any help from guest authors will be noted at the beginning of the chapter.


Chapter 1-Destination Tulsa.

Chapter 2-Introduction to Lucy

Chapter 3-Caught

Chapter 4-Zac and Zoe

Chapter 5-The date

Chapter 6-Perfect world?

Chapter 7-"Not again!"

Chapter 8-Night is gone, but not forgotten.

Chapter 9-Falling apart...

Chapter 10-House arrest.

Chapter 11-"Zac, meet Laurie."

Chapter 12-Big Mistake.

Chapter 13-NORM??

Chapter 14-After affects.

Chapter 15-Cold Hard steel.

Chapter 16-What did he say?

Chapter 17-Times are changing.

Chapter 18-Meet Michelle.

Chapter 19-Open your eyes and face the light.

Chapter 20-Sitting in a tree..K-I-S-S-I-N-G?

Chapter 21-Soul mate in tears.

Chapter 22-Lucy....break it to him gently.

Chapter 23-...maybe it's your smile...

Chapter 24-Dreams come true

Chapter 25-What to do?

Chapter 26-Time?

Chapter 27-The day has come.

Chapter 28-Did I hear you correctly?

Chapter 29-Swim!

Chapter 30-36 times

Chapter 31-Pink or blue

Chapter 32-The stick

Chapter 33-falling asleep in Michelle's bed

Chapter 34-The kiss

Chapter 35-Alone

Chapter 36-Do you have...anything?

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