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The Catman

Birth Name: Peter Criscula
DOB: 20 Dec 1947

When Gene and Paul answered an ad in the Village Voice for a drummer willing to "do anything to make it", they knew they found their man. Peter was a member of Wicked Lester before he joined KISS. Peter's previous bands were Lips and Chelsea. Wrote the band's first Top Ten hit, "Beth". Peter was dismissed from KISS in 1980 before the recording of "Unamsked", after becoming disenchanted with the band and wanting to develop a solo career of his own. Anton Fig, who also filled in for Criss on "Dynasty", was hired to fill the drum chair. Released two solo albums; "Out of Control" and "Let Me Rock You". Both were commerical failures. Joined Paul, Gene, and Ace in August '95 for a taping of "MTV Unplugged", marking the first time in 16 years that the original line-up performed live. Peter was in make-up again for the first time in 17 years, when the original KISS made a surprise appearance on the 1996 American Music Awards. In April of '96, it was official, KISS was back. Tickets for the first show at Tiger Stadium in Detroit sold out in 42 minutes. The Alive/Worldwide '96-'97 Tour was the #1 grossing concert tour of 1996.

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