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Former Members of KISS

Eric Carr

Birth name: Paul Charles Caravello
DOB: 12 Jul 1950
Died: 24 Nov 1991
Member of KISS: May 1980 thru 24 Nov 1991

Eric was the heart and soul of KISS after he replaced Peter Criss in May 1980. After his audition, he asked for Ace's, Paul's and Gene's autographs because he wasn't sure that he made the cut. Eric was willing to sweat blood to bring KISS back to its glory days. Unfortunately in early '91, Eric was diagnosed with cancer. His death later that year was a sad one, not only that KISS lost a dear friend, but his fans did too. Rock on Eric, may you rest in peace.

Vinnie Vincent

Birth name: Vincent Cusano
DOB: 6 Aug 1952
Member of KISS: 1982-Mar 1984

Money, power, greed, need to be in the spotlight all the time is what brought the downfall of Vinnie. Quite a shame since he is a talented guitarist. After his dismissal from KISS, Vinnie formed the Vinnie Vincent Invasion with Dana Strum and Robert Fleischman. Fleischman was a one-time vocalist for Journey in their early days. Robert Fleischman was replaced by Mark Slaughter in 1988. Of course, as everyone knows, Dana Strum and Mark Slaughter formed their own group, Slaughter. Vinnie colaborated with KISS in 1992 on Revenge. He co-wrote "Unholy", "Heart of Chrome", and "I Just Wanna". God knows what Vinnie is doing now. Last I heard he was sueing KISS for $5 million. On a sad note though, Vinnie's ex-wife was abducted and probably brutally murdered earlier this year. Despite all your short comings, Vinnie, God bless you and your daughters.

Mark St. John

Birth Name: Mark Norton
DOB: 2 Feb 1956
Member of KISS: Mar 1984-Sep 1984

Bruce Kulick

Birth Name: Bruce Kulick
DOB: 12 Dec 1953
Member of KISS: Sep 1984-Aug 1996

Bruce Kulick was the much needed shot in the arm for KISS in the revolving guitarist slot in the early 1980's. Originally intended as temporary replacement for Mark St. John, Bruce was given the position on a permanent basis in December of 1984. Bruce's brother, Bob, auditioned for KISS when they first got together in 1972. He lost out to Ace. Bob Kulick would record the tracks on the European import Killers and help out on Creatures of the Night. Bruce made his first lead vocal debut for KISS on "I Walk Alone" on the Carnival of Souls album. Bruce now fronts UNION, with ex-Scream and Motley Crue vocalist John Corabi.

Eric Singer

Birth Name: Eric Mensinger
DOB: 12 May 1958
Member of KISS: May 1992-Aug 1996

Eric has often described himself as a "have sticks, will travel" kind of drummer. After stints in Black Sabbath, Lita Ford, Gary Moore, and Alice Cooper, he replaced Eric Carr after his untimely death in '91. Eric also was the drummer during Paul Stanley's club tour in 1989. I know that I'm probably going to get a lot heat for this, but I didn't think Eric fit in the band (imagewise that is). Now don't get me wrong, he is an incredible drummer, his resume shows us that. I'm sorry, but Eric Singer did not look like member of KISS. Ok, I've said my the hate mail commence

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