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KISS Aloha's KISStory

20 December 1947: Peter Crisscula born in Brooklyn, New York.

25 August 1949: Gene Klien (Chaim Witz) born in Hafia, Isreal.

27 April 1951: Paul Daniel Frehley born in Bronx, New York.

20 January 1952: Stanley Harvey Eisen born in Queens, New York.

1968: Stanley Eisen and Gene Klein meet at Steve Coronel's home in Queens.

December 9, 1968: Mike McClure, Webmaster of KISS Aloha, is born in Manassas, Virginia.

Summer 1970: Stan and Gene form Wicked Lester with Steve Coronel, Brook Ostrander, and Tony Zarella.

Fall 1971-Winter 1972: After signing and recording an album for Epic Records, Stan and Gene disband Wicked Lester to pursue their dream of the world's utimate rock band.

April 1972: Stan and Gene answer an ad placed in Rolling Stone by a drummer "who is willing to do anything to make it". Enter Peter Criss.

Early January 1973: After rejecting names like Albatross and Fuck, Gene, Paul (who by now were calling themselves Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley) and Peter settled on the name KISS. Paul places and ad in the Village Voice for a guitarist with "Flash and Balls". Enter Ace Frehley.

Late January-June 1973: Taking thier cue from the New York Glitter Rock bands, KISS adopts the trademark kabuki makeup. Paul becomes the Bandit, Gene becomes the Demon, Peter becomes the Catman, and Ace becomes known as the Space Ace.

August 11 1973: KISS meets Bill Aucoin at a gig at the Hotel Diplomat. Aucoin secures a record deal with Casablanca Records.

October 1973: KISS enters Bell Sound Studios with Kenny Kerner and Ritchie Wise to begin work on their debut album.

December 31 1973: KISS plays at New York City's Academy of Music opening for Blue Oyster Cult, Iggy and the Stooges, and Tennage Lust. Little did anyone know that two years later, Blue Oyster Cult would open for KISS when they began headlinig.

February 18 1974: KISS is released on Casablanca Records. The world hasn't been the same since.

February-October 1974: The band hits the road in support of KISS. They open for groups like Savoy Brown and Manfred Mann.

October 22 1974: KISS continues it's assault on the music world with the release of Hotter Than Hell.

March 19 1975: Dressed to Kill is released, featuring the classic "Rock 'n' Roll all Nite".

May 25 1975: KISS headlines Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI. The show is recorded for an upcoming live album.

September 10, 1975: Alive! is released. This is the album that Gene Simmons was quoted as saying "that saved our asses." He was right, Alive! would go quadruple platinum.

January 30, 1976: Alive! is certified platinum as KISS enters The Record Plant in NYC with Bob Ezrin to record their most ambitious effort to date.

March 15, 1976: Billed as the "Next One", Destroyer is released worldwide. Featuring hits like "Detroit Rock City", "God of Thunder", "Shout It Out Loud" and the unexpected ballad, "Beth". Sixteen years later, Gene says that Destroyer was the "creme de la creme".

September 25, 1976: "Beth" peaks at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100chart.

November 11, 1976: Rock and Roll Over is released and ships gold. Destroyer recieves platinum certifcation.

1977: Mike McClure, Webmaster of KISS Aloha (a third-grader at the time), gets his first taste of KISS with Rock 'n Roll Over while on a family vaction in Iowa.

March 18, 1977: KISS conquers Japan playing concerts in four cities: Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Tokyo, including one four-night stand that tops Beatles' attendence records.

June 30, 1977: Love Gun is released and becomes KISS' first album to ship platinum.

July 2, 1977: The Love Gun Tour begins in Canada with Cheap Trick in support.

August 25-28, 1977: Shows are taped at the Los Angeles Forum for an upcoming live album.

November 29, 1977: Alive II ships platinum and features five new studio tracks.

December 1977: KISS is named as #2 Billboard "Artist of the Year for Hot 100 LP's Combined". KISS and Elvis Presley are the only artists to have three platinum albums in 1977.

April 1978: Double Platinum, a greatest hits compilation featuring a brand new "Strutter '78" is released.

September 18, 1978: 1.25 million copies of Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, and Peter Criss ship to record stores.

October 28, 1978: KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park airs on NBC and becomes the network's second most watched program of the year.

May 23, 1979: Dynasty is released and shoots straight up to #7 on the Billboard chart. Even though the album has several high points, it is clear that the musical direction is misguided. Unfortunately, this misdirection would continue on for several more albums.

June 16, 1979: "I Was Made For Lovin' You" becomes a radio smash and spends 11 weeks on the charts, peaking at #5.

July 10, 1979: Dynasty is certified double platinum. It is the last KISS album to do so.

November 29, 1979: Closing date of the Dynasty tour and Peter Criss' last show with KISS.

May 1980: Unmasked released. Video for "Shandi" is the last time Peter appears with the band.

May 17, 1980: Paul Caravello is selected out of hundreds to replace Peter. He changes his name to Eric Carr and adapts the identity of the fox.

July 1980: Peter Criss' departure is announced.

July 25, 1980: Eric Carr's live debut at the Palladium in New York City.

November 16, 1981: Music From The Elder is released on Polygram Records after it absorbed Casablanca. It is the only KISS album to date that did not earn Gold status.

December 1981: KISS appears on the short lived ABC variety show, Friday's. It is the only time KISS appears in public in support of The Elder.

July 1982: KISS begins sessions for the follow up to The Elder with one setback; the departure of Ace Frehley. KISS uses several studio musicians before settling on Vincent Cusano, aka Vinnie Vincent.

October 13, 1982: Creatures of the Night is released and goes gold.

June 25, 1983: Last show ever in makeup (or so we thought).

Septermber 18, 1983: Lick It Up is released, the first album without the trademark makeup.

March 17, 1984: Completion of the Lick It Up Tour in Evansville, Indiana. Vinnie Vincent is fired from the group.

July 1, 1984: Mark St. John is hired as Vinnie Vincent's replacement.

September 19, 1984: Animalize is released and goes platinum.

November 27, 1984: Mark St. John develops Reiter's Syndrome. He is replaced by Bruce Kulick.

September 1985: Mike McClure, Webmaster of KISS Aloha, redisovers KISS when he listens to his cousin's copy of Animalize at a family campout.

September 16, 1985: Bruce Kulick makes his debut on a KISS record with Asylum.

September 18, 1987: Crazy Nights is released as worldwide catalog sales reach 70 million.

November 16, 1988: Smashes, Thrashes, & Hits, KISS' second compilation album is released, featuring two new tracks.

October 11, 1989: Hot in the Shade is released.

February 1990: The single, "Forever", is released. It becomes KISS' highest charting single.

November 9, 1990: The Hot in the Shade tour concludes at Madison Square Garden. Unknown at the time, this is the last show Eric Carr performs with KISS.

February 1991: KISS enters the studio to begin recording their new album.

August 1991: KISS announces that Eric Carr has cancer.

November 24, 1991: A double tragedy strikes the music world. Eric Carr dies from the cancer. Hours later, Freddie Mercury of Queen, dies from AIDS.

December 1991: KISS announces that Eric Singer as the new drummer.

May 14, 1992: Revenge is released with a special dedication to Eric Carr. the album debuts at #6 on Billboard's Top 100 LPs chart.

May 18, 1993: Alive III, the first live album in 15 years, is released.

August 1995: KISS performs at SONY studios for MTV Unplugged. Ace and Peter join the band onstage for four songs, marking the first time in 16 years that the original line-up performed together.

February 28, 1996: KISS makes a suprise appearance at the Grammy Awards. The suprise? With Ace and Peter in full makeup and costumes.

March 12, 1996: KISS Unplugged is released.

April 16, 1996: KISS announces the Alive Worldwide '96/'97 tour aboard the USS Intrepid.

June 25, 1996: You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best is released. It features live tracks from the first two live albums plus an interview with Jay Leno.

June 28, 1996: The reunion tour begins at Tiger Stadium.

September 27, 1996: Mike McClure, webmaster of KISS Aloha, attends the Charlotte, North Carolina, show with his wife, Heather. The show was incredible to say the least.

April 8, 1997: The third compilation album, Greatest KISS is released.

October 28, 1997: Carnival of Souls, the album recorded with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick before the reunion, is finally released.

January 20, 1998: Sessions for the long anticipated album featuring the original lineup, begin.

September 22, 1998: Psycho Circus is released. It debuts at #3 on Billboard's Hot 100 LPs chart.

October 30, 1998: KISS appears on the FOX television series Millenium. Paul appears as a movie director who gets wasted. Gene appears as a bum who is paid to confess that he is the Killer. Ace and Peter appear as two local sheriff's deputies. They appear later on in full make-up and perform "Psycho Circus".

November 1998: KISS Aloha is launched.

January 24, 1999: KISS Aloha recieves it's first 1000 hits. Thanks KISS Army!!

January 31, 1999: KISS performs "Rock and Roll All Nite" at the Super Bowl XXXIII pregame show.

Now playing: "Rock 'n Roll All Nite"

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