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Thursday, May 27, 1999 11:36:03 Adelaide South Australia

Everyone should write a bit about themselves in the HOOM pages; go to folks and there will be a "LAST UPDATED..." next to your name for when ever you scribble anew, just e-mail me your stuff and it will appear in your name thing (in http you)

The reason I have gone on a bit here is because I keep often asked the same questions: "How did you end up in Australia?" and "How did you end up with the name Neuage?" Which of the HOOM re-groupings should I join? And etc. So here ya be mate, just a short explanation, with a bit of my two-pence, yens, cents and marcs tossed in for good measure.

Name: Terrell Neuage (Name change explained below)

Order name: Brother Arthur Adsit

Me and my post-HOOMie thingie

A deconstructionalistic approach to Order


Joined December 1969 Honolulu Hawaii with Carol Ann Benson via Randy Dandurand. At the time Master Rowe was the Centre's head.

Honolulu 1969. Circumstances of joining. Was at my wits end and one day was in the process of leaving my partner (Carol Ann and her six-month old daughter - Desiree-Eve). As I was walking along Piikoi Street (off of Kapiolani Boulevard) out of a van jumps Randy Dandurand who I had not seen for months. The last I had heard from him was when we were in San Francisco and at the time some Hells Angels were looking for him and not nicely, six months earlier.

Before then - I was living in Eugene Oregon with Carol Ann and her daughter and one day we went to San Francisco to see the Rolling Stones at that Altamonte (spell?) thingie in 1969. I left her at the airport (I was always trying to get away) and stayed with friends. In the middle of the night she rang - and I had not given her the number, she claims to have heard it in her mind - so I ended up at the airport with her. We spent three days there - she kept saying we were suppose to go to Hawaii and meet some guru person. I thought she was taking too much --- well use your imagination - I don't want to get sued here -and we lived in a baby change room at the airport for three-days. I don't exactly remember how it happened but someone gave us the money to go to Hawaii whilst at the airport - we arrived with 50 cents.

We were quite miserable and I wanted to go back to the mainland but we were stuck in Honolulu. I had gotten enough cash to go to Maui when Randy appeared. He told me about some group he was in - I told him to go away. One night Carol Ann and I took something, never you mind what - well we left a note and all, 'good bye cruel world' or something to that affect - and locked the door. Randy came in and did a healing on us, he claims to have had on Master Rowe's (the Future Brother Sunshine then God knows what) Mastership ring. The next day we were in HOOM - which I spent the next decade trying to get out of. (I am a bad escape artist - have been trying to get out of Australia for 20 years with no luck).

Left HOOM in early 1971 - lived on a beach in Maui - some times even had some clothes on. Found my way at some point (oh, finally got away from Carol Ann -which I regretted ever since - the perfect flower child - beautiful as a person can ever be on this planet) to the East Coast of the mainland. Lived in NYC for a bit - wandered down to Tennessee in 1972 or maybe 1973 - at this age it all becomes hazy...stopped in to visit Randy Dandurand - he was in charge of the centre there - and as karma would have it - I got him to leave. One morning we woke up on the lawn of Tulane University in New Orleans - no money and quite confused. I began selling picture-poems in Jackson Square. Lots of stuff happened, as it does in life - and as this is not an autobiography (I have bit of a first chapter of a sort of autobiography at and some other drivel about myself at I will keep to the HOOM point - well in early 1974 - April I think - I wandered over to SF and appeared before the Esoteric Council. I showed them my picture-poems - I was deemed nuts I am sure - and was told to come back the next week. Well Father Paul, he upped and died that week, didn't he? So I went the week after and next I knew my picture-poems were in a box and I was on my way to Kansas to wear a Brown Robe and repent my evil ways of being a fun type of guy. Then I went to Cheyenne, then to Denver, over to Syracuse - one funny thing that happened there (Syracuse) - just to show what one's mind can do - I was in my Brown Brother's robe - well I thought I could envelope myself in light and no one could see me - and I was making out with this girl on the coach in our lounge-room who was in the Christian Community at a HOOM get-together, and she said 'can't they see us?' - I said 'oh no - I have made us invisible' - funny thing was - we both believed that (there was some wine involved I recall - it was after someone's marriage) - well as all stories go this one got me in lots of trouble - we never got invisible, just half naked - oh well the power of imagination knows no bounds does it?

Then off to Baltimore and on to Towson in 1976 and '77 where I managed to get myself in to lots of trouble with lots of females in and out of HOOM and the Order sent Daniel Bushnell (not that he would ever do anything wrong - and Rachel?) and me to San Francisco to be sorted out by Master Rossi, and I told him "well everyone else in the Baltimore Centre is doing it, including a married Brother Teacher who use to visit for dirty weekends with a sister or two. Needless to say the Baltimore Centre ended and so did my association with it. And I ain't the gossiping type of person and will say no more on that.

Then in 1980 I was in Sydney for an astrological conference, and met some dragon of a female - who came to Baltimore a few months later and since I was going to bed with most of the females in Baltimore that weekend (Clintonistic frolics) I thought 'well why the heck not I'll do it with this Aussie twit?' then I drove her to San Francisco and went off to Hawaii - yes you guessed it - to visit Randy Dandurand - talk about karmic connections - well one day we were at a Rod Cougar (spell?) concert. We came home half baked and a phone call from Adelaide - 'guess what?' Well the - from Australia came to Hawaii a week or two later. We couldn't stand each other. Three-months later her visa ran out and the Yanks wouldn't renew it. We got married so she could stay in Hawaii and have the kid. We moved out from living with Randy and his wife Cheryl, as they didn't get along with the witch from Australia. We got married on the solar eclipse. Just a note on solar eclipses - in 1980 there were two - one on my wife's birthday - February 17 and one the day after mine, on August 11. This year, 19years later, there are two - one on February 18 and one on August 10th our two birthdays again. Try and out do that mate. And we have been in court most of the past year - a bit on that shortly.

Anyway, the witch would not change her Ukrainian name to mine (Adsit) and I wouldn't change mine to hers (She is Russian/Ukrainian and me a Yank - a full-on cold war) -and you guessed it - Randy Dandurand came up with our new name. One day he said, "you two think you are such new-age people why don't you just name yourselves Newage". So we did. Neuage - dropped the w and put in a u - didn't want to be too tacky. Now we are both stuck with it, and so our kids. And we surely ain't new-age folks. Sacha was born 04 January 1981 - in a small hospital in Kahuku (North Shore) and I and Dr. Branch did the delivery thing whilst the witch from Australia spit and scratched. I said to him, "welcome to earth I am going to raise you" - and so I have."

Well she said one day "I am going back to Adelaide and if you want to see Sacha again you will have to come to Australia with me" - so I have been here since June 1981. Started a tofu factory - sent the stuff all over Australia - the first to vacuum pack it and make lots of secondary products: burgers, cheese cakes etc. - got a divorce in 1984 - (oh we had the second son - Leigh in 1983) and have been a single parent ever since. Moved to a big farm (Mt. Compass) with the kids for a few years then to a seaside resort (Victor Harbor) then to Adelaide. I am currently doing my Ph.D. at the University or South Australia; with my research in conversational analysis of chatroom conversation (just an excuse to play on the Internet really) - and I will be putting together an on-line journal for my university soon.

My children are great. The now 18 year old Sacha, born in Hawaii, is into piecing (graffiti) and hip-hop and is quite creative, and you guessed it, has a girl friend - Spehera Dandurand (born a month later, also in Hawaii) - Randy's daughter - who he e-mails often to. My 15 year old, Leigh plays a bit of baseball - been on the Australian National team for past three-years - pitched in the bronze medal game in St. Louis in the U-17 World Series, goes to South Africa with the National team in July (1999) and to China in August. Pitching average at 85 mph (tops at 87 and he is 15 and six foot five - a normal teenager, it was all that tofu I fed him) and has a lot of US pro teams looking at him - he is hoping to sign later this year after he turns 16, and go to Rookie camp in February 2000. I have had to spend a lot of time in court for the past three years for him to leave Australia to play, as the mother was opposed to his leaving. In our final court judgment a few months ago the Australian Family Court said he could travel out of the country to play baseball and if he signs a contract this year he can live in the States in 2000 - thanks to all of you who knew about this and sent positive thoughts and energy to help me from going nuts during my court battles (especially Rev. Bonczkowski - Dorothy from Kansas; and Rachel Lucas, whose cousin wrote that Order book). Pre-court he was not allowed to leave Australia until 18.

I am not associated with any of the five groups the Order has split into - or four or six or whatever, there is a constant stream of folks who want to 'put the Order back together' like in the Blues Brothers movie - 'we're puttin' the band back together'. Actually, spiritually I am not very spiritual in a religious way. I am not into religion - it is a participial control mechanism developed to keep women in control isn't it? But I truly enjoy doing these HOOM webpages. Have met a lot of people from the past - and I must say my favourite dialogue was with Vincent Rossi (please don't ask for his e-mail - I won't give it) throughout 1998 - the one in charge when the Order switched to Orthodoxy - but life's commitments and different ideologies ended it - and on we go, It was good to have contact with Master Timothy - always my favourite teacher (Honolulu 1970), and a few others....

Will I ever get back to the States? I have wanted nothing else for most of the past 20-years - but now I doubt it. I do not like the American policeman role of the world, and their driving madness to fulfill Nostradamus' predictions for this up-coming August solar-eclipse. Australia as most of the world, is quite anti-yank (what about the South Americans? aren't they Americans too?) and the religious intolerance and the patriarchal control from over there has really put me off. I became an Australian citizen in 1997 and see little reason to return. I last visited in 1992 with my kids in tow - we visited Randy Dandurand in Euguene, Daniel Bushnell in Santa Monica, Tamzon Tuthill (and all the other names) ex-wife of ex-teacher ex-alive master Raeson in Indiana - then we treked around the States and Europe. Been here since then - though my baseball was in St Louis last July. I have a 94 year old father, in upstate New York and a sister somewhere in New York - but even though I am not real keen on Australia I must say it is much better that the States in so many ways - so at this time I doubt I will return. But, of course if my kid goes to the States and plays ball I will go and watch. What a dream come true - he is the top pick of Australia (not my words but the words of many scouts - with at this time, seven pro-teams interested in him) - and why doesn't he play cricket or rugby or soccer or Aussie Rules football? Because his bloody father is a Yank...

Oh! And to that frequently asked question, "which group should I join?" Good golly mate - don't join nothin'. Why become someone else's sheepole? If after thirty-years it ain't figured out go and live on the beach, or in a cave, or on a mountain top or get a life, or sponsor my baseballer as these international trips costs too much for me. Just my opinion. Maybe some person or group can nurture, bring forth initiations, hand out groovy sounding titles along with froth and bubbles, save you, I don't know - but if you are looking - look inside, I wouldn't have a clue which group is best. Why chase after mystical myths of nonsense that merely caresses the leader's ego and takes your money...

And to that other frequently asked questions (these are quite constant in e-mails - the guestbook is a very small portion of those ex-HOOMies who observe the HOOM site and write) - NO! There should not be a re-union in person of HOOMies. That is what this site is for. Look at the old HOOM photos, remember us like that - not 30 years later - over-weight (well not me - I go to the gym almost every day), bald, (well not me), wrinkled - will leave that one alone -and all the rest. Let us remember each other as youthful and vibrant with hope for this planet - when we actually believed we were going to change things - thirty years later it is obvious we lived someone else's myths. Life is great - I enjoy it -and even have some hope for the future (getting rid of religion first would help this planet, then treating everyone equal and with respect would be a great achievement instead of putting teachers, priests, gurus and all the rest on a virtual pedestal - Yanks have to have their idols huh? - that is why Hollywood is there and not here - don't be sucked in by those with good lines and magical quick fix dreams - just my opinion from looking at stuff from this angle and away from the powerful mind numbing Yank perspective)


This is an example of what you all could write on your page - just say a bit about yourself.

Please do not critique what I have written - it is only my observations, and I just don't have the time to keep saying how I ended up in Australia, why my name is Neuage and whether I am going back - and besides why would anyone really care? I don't.

Have your say - write what you believe, what you have done, where you are in life. As for me I am going out in the paddock - throw another shrimp on the barbie watch footy on teley and theorize on why the rest of the world has gone so stupid.

Send a photo - .gif or .jpg would be best. I will put up a couple of my kids and me later this week

Me in HOOM (me in Brown Brothers - top left)

Cheers mate.

Terrell Neuage my details:

position: Postgrad Student

phone: (08) 830 24735

fax: (08) 830 24723


voicemail: Yes

area: Communication & Information

room number: TE1-12

campus: Magill What makes the narrow-bandwidth space of the Internet so intriguing is that I am not that person whom others have made me out to be (including my children, partner, even my distant real and virtual self/Self - that yesterday me). I am no longer the ‘him’ that ‘they’ (and sometimes me) have created. We are now at that point where we no longer need to be led, we no longer need to lead. Gods, heroes, idols, saviours, teachers, leaders are not part of the cyberworld - the age of patriarchal Pisces has taken its toll, (watch them bomb Yugoslavia into sumbission - MEN being men!) the sacrifice is now part of folk lore. We, the lucky ones, like if there was some cosmic lottery, get to wave bye bye to the past.

Just another investigator into strings and wormholes into other places. (strings and wormholes being terms of passages through the universe - and surely by now we all are into passages of one sort or another). Didn’t Father Paul say that it was us who put up walls and called this part of THE mind - ours? - Our particles...Our reality (with all its ideological fusion theories) now gone...Bye bye walls - bye bye particles ~ here we are merged and separated at the same time. Post-HOOMies gathering once again. Why?

Terrell 27/05/99, Adelaide South Australia - thirty years later. And thirty years from now I will be 81 - how old will you be? Worm holes through the universe anyone? (‘Life is not a dress rehersal’ and all the other good lines).


early 1999 - Sacha 18; Terrell 51 (that's age not IQ mate); Leigh 15


























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