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Hilary's Page of Collectible Stuff.

My Interests and Collections

The Orange and The Green

Herb Johnson, John Morrison, Wes Everitt & George Robson
Heather Lee, Hilary Everitt, Brenda Dhaene, & Owen Finnegan
Sandy Jasper & Matt Lawson (not in pic.)

Our Band.

The Orange and The Green is an Irish band that we have belonged to for about five years. I play banjo,accordian,whistle and mandolin. My husband Wesley plays the fiddle,Irish drum and harmonica. My daughter Sandy plays flute accordian and penny whistle. We play for several hospitals and seniors groups. There are nine members in the band seven of them are retired and two wish they were. All in all we have a lot of fun with it.

Postage Stamps.

My favourite stamp is the Penny Black it was issued May 6th 1840 and was the worlds first postage stamp.

I collect Great Britain, Canada and The British Commonwealth. If you wish to trade in any of these areas let me know. I also have many other world countries to trade.

Post Cards.

This is a post card of Prescot where I was born.

My favoutite postcards are "Artist Signed" I also like old greeting postcards ie Easter, Christmas etc. I have lots of views U.S.A, Canada and Great Britain to trade.


I have over 2,000 nuff said.

Tobacco Cards.

These are cards that were inserted in packets of cigarettes around the turn of the century and for a few decades were avidly collected. They are getting harder to find now especially in good condition. I have a few hundred of these and a lot of doubles to trade.


Fossils are something I have been interested in since I was a child and found a huge fossil that that must have weiged around 30 pounds. I dragged it home in a gunny sack. I left it at my friends house overnight and when I returned for it the next day, his grandmother had painted it white and put in in her rock garden. I think I cried. I have never found one that large since but I have lots of small dinosaur bones (Well OK parts of bones.)

I will add more to this sight later.Meanwhile please check out my links.

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