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We are all in a rush these days
Places to go, people to see, things to do
Leaving little or no time for fun or play

We are in a race in our daily routine
Days often filled with anxiety, stress and worry
Unfortunately we forget what 'living' really means

Perhaps now is the time to reorganize and prioritize
Placing family and friends first
As they are 'the' most important blessings in our lives

Let's make the time now and not forget
About the people who have made our lives special
So that down the road we will have no regrets

Since we can't turn back time
To make up for all the things left undone
Put all of those 'other' things to the back of the line

You alone have this power within you
Make the transformation now
And you will surely feel brand new

There is no time like the present
And that's what each day is ..


So open each day as if it were a gift
You will be pleasantly surprised
At what is inside!

Written by:  Monica Waldman


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