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The Sweet Pines

The evergreen stands tall and proud, strong against the fierce elements.
It is a shelter for the defenseless creatures of God.
The anchor is solid with roots covering a large area.
She is such a massive loaner feeding on the seeping leftovers making their way through the soil. When the winds abound, the giant spreads quiet tears of needles over the forest floor.
Yet still it creates a soft blanket for tired heads.
When the chill of winter sets in and the heavy snows fall, her limbs sag from the weight. Yet she lives on.

Her trunk is firm, yet  scarred from the losses she has endured over the long seasons. Even though, her beauty is always growing and blossoming, spreading her love and joy throughout.
Her sacrifices have always been selfless and genuine!
 My gratitude and appreciation are usually late, but please know my love and commitments are unending.

You are my stability and hope….

   I love you ……..MOM!


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