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Reverse The Trends


We often strive for an answer to the many things we don't understand
We look around us and wonder why things seem out of hand

Prejudice, hate, and ignorance seem to fill our world with pain
Why our attention and focus is on the bad in our world I just can not explain

Distrust, hurt, and anger have become a way of life
What a ludicrous thought it is that we gain pleasure from others strife

The golden rule has been thrown out and altruism cast aside
But I believe its all a cover up for the love and hope inside

These things that we treasure most, we've all learned how to hide
Because once we were hurt when we took a risk, so now we protect our pride

Its time we change the way....    our world is today
To make our future a place where each of us can say...

I love the world we live in, and  I know tomorrow can be
A place where people of all walks of life can be themselves and feel free

Lets spend our time and energy to build a bright tomorrow
Foster kindness, compassion, caring  and rid our world of sorrow

The message here is simple....

 Don't wait for someone else to change what you can start today
You can make our world a better place in a very special way

Break down the walls that separate,  and I think you'll find
Its such a nicer place to be, when people around us are kind.

~~~Author: R.G.~~


.... make the effort to put something behind you, forgive someone you have held a grudge against, contact someone you have been avoiding because of something that happened but you wish things were different with.  Don't wait for someone else to make the move... it may never happen and valuable time and friendship will be lost.  Friends and family are our most important treasure.  Take the time to get closer to someone you have been distant or judgmental about
....make a difference to someone today!



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