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My Art

If I were a painter,
                        I would strain to capture every
colour in your face,
                          every sparkle and shine in your
hair and eyes,
                        using various line patterns to
capture every trace,
                               of that gorgeous face that
I idolize...

          If I were a
                      I'd work meticulously to carve out
that smooth figure,
                                shaping the pose to fit
your style,
                           creating so perfect an image
of you I'm sure,
                        that those soft stone lips may
even seem to smile...

    If I were a
                      every note I would play would make
your skin tremble,
                          and when your heart beat slows
to my rythm,
                         I'll know that I've got your
ears under my spell,
                          and I'll catch you alone
whistling my hymn...

     But I am a mere
                        relying on words to express the
beauty of emotion,
                            of them all this being the
most simple art,
                       little insignificant scribbles
that leave no
                          of the big feelings I hide in
my heart...

            Yet your love shows me
the truth,
          I'm a painter in the way my words stroke the
tears on the canvas of
your face...
                I'm a sculptor in the way I mold my
profound visions into
           I'm a musician in the way my words unlock the
music that lies in
your heart...

                                          I had no idea,
                                   of what a great artist
I am...
                                          Thank you...

~~Author: Andrew Gutierrez~~


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