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It seemed not so very long ago when we had to make
the most simplest of decisions.  'Where do you
want to go this time on vacation?'

We always had the same things in common, the same
passions, and the same need for tranquility
and peace.

I would laugh out loud at the question, as I had
heard it asked of me so many times before and the
answer would always be the same!

Our decision always led us to the 'islands' ...
The wonderful Caribbean, with it's beautiful
beaches, warm waters and incredible fragrances of
flowers beyond imagination.

From the moment we arrived on the 'island d'jour'
we would immediately throw our bags on the bed
and change into our swimsuits and race to the

The feeling of the soft velvetty sand underfoot
            and between our toes as we walked hand in hand
checking out our new surroundings gave us a feeling
of total peace of mind.

The warm sun not only warmed our skin, but also our
As we walked we were hypnotized by the ripples of
the ocean washing over our feet.
In many ways it felt as though we were being reborn.
A type of rebirth of our bodies, minds and souls!

As evenings drew near we always made it our nightly
'ritual' to find a quiet romantic place (usually
very near to the waters edge) with a
'local beverage' in hand - To watch the sky in all
of it's glory transform itself into the most
awesome hues of pinks, blues, purples and yellow!

The day was coming to an end as the evening skies
exclaimed 'But now look what I have to offer you!'

We would sit for what seemed like
 hours, mesmerized by
the colours
of the sky and then by the moon and the millions of
stars overhead.

This is what we referred to as,
        'our heaven on earth'!

Nature had offered us the swaying palm trees of
total freedom!

Nature had given us the warm rippling water of
innocence and purity!

She had also provided us with a place to go to
in order to unwind and replenish ourselves,
so that we could return to the 'real world'
energized to face WHATEVER may come our way.

Memories of beauty, the kind of beauty which can
never really be captured on film, is forever
captured and preserved in our minds and our hearts!

Perhaps one day, we will be able to return to
'our island'...
But, if it should never be,
then we will always have
our memories!

Written by:  Monica Waldman

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